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Pure Chaotix is a fan-game that aims to blend 2D side-scrolling and 3D graphics. Gameplay is fast-paced while focusing on teamwork and puzzle solving. Throughout its development, I will continue to post updates.

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Pure Choatix v1.0

Pure Choatix v1.0

Full Version 1 comment

The first section of "Isolated Island" is now playable in this download.

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Lobotomy - - 6 comments

I like this a lot but I encountered a few bugs:

-If Knuckles climbs on a slope, he can crawl down the slope and on the floor.

-The spin sprites rotate on a slope, making for an ugly effect. Just remove sprite rotation when in spin mode.

-Knuckles cannot turn around when gliding.

Other than that, I love it! Keep it up!

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Ironrind Creator
Ironrind - - 41 comments

Thanks, man. Will fix. I'll be working on a drastic engine update pretty soon for this game, so gameplay will greatly be improved.

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Wakkaboom - - 469 comments

Wow this fangame looks awesome! The video on your front page blow me away!!

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supersonic25 - - 1 comments

Played The Demo and thought it was amazing but picked up on glitches on the game tho where if u hold the left and right at the sme time Knux whud walk bkwards and if u did the sme thing (hold right and left at the sme time) near a wall and tap the jump button 2 times knux will start climbin the wrong way if you get me lol but 10/10 eniway for the game :)

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blackmodeler - - 1,015 comments

just looked at the video, and AWESOME! i like how you there are different 'levels' and the 'teleport' was also amazing ^_^. nice work.

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Silpher - - 17 comments

Seriously this looks better than the real 2d sonic games!

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leilei - - 5,721 comments

You should mention that this is GameMaker used for the engine.

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BeelzebossErik - - 194 comments

Nicely done, some minor things might be corrected: the startup acceleration is so bad you cant even walk up some of the smaller hills.
Map layout is a bit too confusing. Jumping sometimes slows one down without any reason. The climbing on the walls doesnt really work.

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Ironrind Creator
Ironrind - - 41 comments

Thanks for the tips, DonMesserli. I'll try to correct most of these issues with the next update.

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miless - - 37 comments

It looks like Sonic because its Knuckles.
It should get ported to PSP ,IMHO seeing how sega is now making games for nintendo , which is kind of sad and depressing

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