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Resurrected from extinction on a remote island, dinosaurs have now escaped to wreak havoc! An elite mercenary team is dropped in to remove the threat, but these big ugly lizards won't go down without a fight. The stage is set for the ultimate showdown...

Will you eliminate the humans intruding on your territory, or make these bloodthirsty beasts extinct for the second time?


Primal Carnage: Extinction reinvigorates the successful formula of the original game with more dinos, new game modes & extra maps! Experience improved graphics, overhauled mechanics, reimagined levels and better customization that lets you play your own way!


Unleash your inner dinosaur! Take control of the deadliest predators in all of prehistory, with 10 distinct dinosaur classes to play as. Choose from sneaky Spitters to towering Tyrants, all ruthless and very hungry. Let loose your Roar Power, granting unique buffs like sending teammates into rage mode as T.Rex, or scenting out humans and their traps as Oviraptor!


To survive against these deadly dinosaurs, the humans must use a wide arsenal of devastating weaponry & gadgets. The mercenaries have 5 distinct human classes, each with their own specialties. Be alert, and keep one eye on the sky. You or your team mates might be pounced by a raptor or grabbed by a pterosaur!


  • Fight to the top of the food chain in Team Deathmatch.
  • Work together to reach rescue, or ensure the humans never leave the island in the objective-based Get to the Chopper.
  • Challenge yourself to a never-ending onslaught of AI dinosaurs in Survival co-op.
  • Stalk the humans as an invisible raptor or band together to take it down in Hunt mode.
  • Steal eggs from dinosaur nests or protect your unhatched babies in Capture The Egg.
  • Run wild in the highly customizable FreeRoam game type.


Wage over the top prehistoric warfare across a variety of environments, ranging from lush tropical jungles, to perilous mountaintops and abandoned labs. With blizzards, lava and acid pits to contend with, you'll have more than guns and teeth to worry about.


Make sure your dino or merc look their best by obtaining a variety of cosmetics through the in-game store, drop system, or Steam Marketplace. Ranked matches award Extinction Points (EXP) that go towards ranking up and unlocking more skins.

Creators can even use Steam Workshop to submit skin designs and maps for a chance at being officially added to the game! Skin creators who are accepted receive a personal copy of their very own, and a cut of all sales of their skin from the in-game store, whilst mapmakers have a special map stamp added that players can use to support their favourite community level creators.

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MAY-HEM Update


MAY-HEM Update

What has science done?!

Okay, we know everyone's been asking about new dinosaur classes for the longest time.
We don't have any plans for that currently, but we've got the next best thing...


Model mutations are new cosmetic items that can modify the appearance of your dinosaur character!

These range from subtle alterations to more overt transformations that may resemble other species.
To give everyone a chance to see how these work, we have partnered with the community to provide three default mutations, that you will have right from the start...

free mutations: Inflexus Novaraptor, Serratus Spinosaurus, and Crassarius Oviraptor

Store-bought model mutations come with a free skin, and are compatible with most of the existing skins in your library as well. For example, equipping an Imperius Acro mutation with the Biohazard Acro skin.

The only limitation when using mutations right now is pairing them with skins which already use a custom model. Items such as Spiked T-Rex skins, Feathered Novaraptors, Alpha Carnos, and Royal Dilos are therefore incompatible with mutations (for now?).

Special thanks to community members such as Dinobear, Velociboy and Mr. Troodon for spearheading this latest exciting addition to Primal Carnage: Extinction!

Have you ever wanted to be the next Banksy? Is inappropriate graffiti your bag?
Well, now you can leave your mark on the world by spraying these sweet new tags in-game!

Sprays are a new type of free drop. Equip one in your loadout, walk up to a surface and press P to place it.

Sprays feature different styles depending on if they are placed by a human or dinosaur. Humans have those ever-useful opposable thumbs, so they use spray cans to make beautiful designs in living colour. Dinosaurs on the other hand, claw their designs into the walls using the blood of their enemies!

You're probably pretty familiar with these if you've spent any time on the official Primal Carnage discord.

The first wave of Sprays are based on the lovely server emojis that community members BBQ and SilentCicada graciously created for us. Different sprays can be equipped per-class, and to start you off we are providing you all with everyone's favourite Happy Carno.

That's right!, humans now have their backpack slots.. uh.. back.

Pyro can swap in alternate fuel tank styles once more (3 new ones have even been added this update), and we'll be adding different rucksacks for the other humans soon. We're keenly interested to see what new items the community will come up with, now that this extra customization option is available!


When PCE resumed development recently, we introduced health and ammo pickups for humans to use in the regular ranked game modes. This has helped with the overall pace of the game and reduced the amount of camping going on, but also put the dinosaurs at a slight disadvantage.

For that reason, the bigger dinos (Tyrants and Bruisers) are now able to heal faster when eating from corpses, and Tyrants receive more health from eating humans.

We hope these are positive changes that will make players not have to turn tail as Tyrant so much, allow Carno users to stay in the game more, and reduce the time you are vulnerable when feeding at a corpse. Tyrants these days have a much bigger health pool than they did when we started several years ago, and without accelerated healing speed it was quite a chore to restore.

Stamina drain is less of a worry for Carno and Spitters now, and Dilophosaurs now have larger spit globs with increased hit radius to make things easier (because not everyone is a precision venom sniper).

As for humans, their shotguns no longer have the effective range of sniper rifles, and the sniper rifle itself has higher scope sensitivity. For additional fixes and tweaks, see the full patch notes lower down..

We've started the process of upgrading the Extinction Store to be more user-friendly.
A big part of this is allowing you to "try before you buy."

When you click on a skin or mutation in the store, it will be previewed for you in the customization screen. This lets you take a good look at these beautiful community created designs, instead of having to squint at a postage stamp version.

- Previewing is only available if browsing the store from the Main Menu, not during a match.
- Other cosmetics (hats, shackles, etc.) and / or bundles do not currently support previewing.

Unfortunately we couldn't fit any new challenges into this update, but a major rework of the system will be coming soon. We want to make challenges more rewarding to complete and will be making some big changes to them that we hope people will be excited about. Stay tuned.


We'll be back in June with the Meltdown event. For now, here's the full patch notes for today's update...

  • NEW: spray customization slot added
  • NEW: model mutation customization slot added
  • NEW: store preview option for skins

  • PC-Borealis: various asset and collision optimizations
  • GTTC TheFalls: fixed missing sub-objective text
  • GTTC TheFalls: removed annoying river rock that tyrants were getting stuck on
  • PC-TheFalls: added more corpses to inside the dome area
  • PC-TheFalls: moved most human spawn points to outside of the dome

  • Spitters: increased base movement speed from 360 to 380
  • Spitters: reduced sprint stamina consumption rate
  • Cryo: faster stamina regeneration time
  • Dilo: increased size and hit radius of spit
  • Carno: reduced sprint stamina consumption rate

  • Raised max health of Spinosaurus from 4200 to 4400
  • Increased healing speed of Tyrants and Carnotaurus
  • Increased health received by eating humans as Tyrant
  • (was: victim health + 50, now: victim health +450)

  • Fixed players marked by Ptera roars not granting kill assists to the Ptera
  • Added +10 EXP assist for Ptera roar marking players

  • Slight increase to sniper rifle scope sensitivity
  • Reduced momentum transfer on sniper rifle bullet impacts
  • Reduced sniper rifle damage at maximum range from 60% to 50%
  • Tweaked damage falloff for default shotgun and Spaz12 to have shorter effective range

  • Fix for Royal Dilo eye glow & antlers not lining up properly (thanks to Shurrackia!)
  • Potential fix for Enforcer MK2 doing weird things with arm meshes
  • Fixed the human backpack slot, expanded functionality to other classes
  • Potential fix for creating TDM games using the Host Game menu
  • Added a bunch of new free drop items

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention...


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