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Potato Planet! is a first person action physics puzzle game. Your only resource is potatoes. Baby potatoes are harvested to use as ammo, power, and food. The giant adult potatoes are angry and dangerous. The object of the game is to solve physics puzzles, find bits of tech to upgrade your weapon and repair your crashed spaceship and avoid getting killed by giant potatoes.

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Potato Planet!

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Potato Planet! is still in development with a target release of Q4 2018


And for our Kickstarter backers, an exclusive potato fragrance!

So many potatoes!
Potato Planet! is a first person action physics puzzle game. With potatoes. So many potatoes!
You've crashed on a strange planet where potatoes are the dominant lifeform. While solving physics puzzles and fighting off angry potatoes, you must retrieve bits of tech from your crashed spaceship that have been scattered about in order to upgrade your weapon and make repairs to your ship so you can survive and get home. A computer AI companion helps guide the way and provides snarky commentary.

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Potatoes are your only resource!

You quickly discover that baby potatoes are useful as ammo, food, and as an energy source for your power-hungry weapon upgrades. Baby potatoes are not mobile or sentient, so they are also an easy food source for some other life on the planet.

Baby potatoes are incubated in weird nodules. Smash them to harvest!

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Potatoes are deadly!
Adult potatoes do not appreciate you harvesting their young. Getting smashed by 300lbs of tuber is not a pleasant experience, so be careful! These potatoes are slightly smarter than an average Idaho Russet. Which makes them the most intelligent potatoes in the universe. If you are not smarter than a potato, you may find this game too challenging.

Yes, it's terrifying
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Physics puzzles!
Use the environment and potatoes to solve physics puzzles. Rock too big and heavy to push out of the way? Mashed potatoes are an excellent way to reduce friction. Don't like running? Mud is really sticky. Need to jump higher? Mushrooms get big and bouncy when you feed them potatoes. Some objects can be moved around, others can be destroyed. Just remember that doing it quietly while firing as few shots as possible is your best chance of survival.

Mashed potatoes are slippery.

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Mud is sticky, mushrooms are bouncy.

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Handy icons appear when looking at an object you can interact with to indicate if it can be picked up, destroyed, or combined with something else.

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Numbat Ninja is a small Portland, Oregon indie studio. Potato Planet! has been in development since January 2015 and is our debut title. Thank you for any feedback. With your help, we can make this the greatest potato game since Hot Potato

Hello from Potato Planet!

Hello from Potato Planet!


We have been developing Potato Planet! since January 2015 and have waited much too long to join the community here. Potato Planet! is a first person action...

sirjuanitoPRO - - 31 comments

your game is on Steam or Steam greenlight?

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