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A quirky exploration game where you play as a robot trying it’s best to plant life on various unforgiving planets. Discover and experiment with different components to fix the atmosphere and terrain on each planet in any way you can.

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Seed Projectiles


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Discussed is the mechanic to throw seeds. The projectile actor class follows the same structure as that of the “First Person” Example template from Epic, with a few modifications:

Custom Ground Collision:

Seeds should only be destroyed on collision with the ground, so we used a custom SurfaceType (assignable in Project Settings > Physics), and spawned plant actors with a simple animation when colliding with the ground. The animation was done using a timeline in blueprints.

One issue was ensuring Collision Component for the Projectile has bReturnMaterialOnMove enabled. This gives the physical material we use to identify the ground when the HitComponent() Event is triggered.




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