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In this 2d sandbox game, you can explore your very own world ranging from small to massive in size. You can build structures from the resources around you, and you can also build tools to further your gathering and exploration. There is definitely more to come from this game, it is 100% still in development.

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TacoShellHero says

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I didn't know what to expect from this 2d sandbox game, because frankly, I couldn't fathom anyway of going about a game of the sorts. But after playing for a while, I soon found myself caught up in this game's addicting but simple gameplay. Although there is not much to do now, other than mine for coal and harvest trees, the creators of the game have promised many updates, and state clearly that this game is still in much development. The game could use a more wide arrange of tools, as well as other minerals to make the tools with, but once these and other changes are made, this game will definitely be worth the download. Until further updates, I now give it an 8/10!


HeyHoSNOWgo says

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My new favorite 2d voxxel game :))

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