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Gameplay Features

  • Procedural World
    • In Planet Driller the world is procedurally generated, so that every new game you start, you have a different experience based on a seed and difficulty with more than 4 Billion different worlds.
  • Dynamic Economy
    • As you discover more minerals the price of each one will start to decrease, based on the law of supply and demand. (i.e the more gold you find, the less it will be worth)
  • Procedural Music
    • All ambient music is procedurally generated MIDI music.
  • Upgrades
    • At first your ship has a slow drill speed, a small tank, low storage and a weak protecting hull, but as you sell more minerals and collect more money, you can buy upgrades for each component that will make the job easier!
  • Tools
    • Several tools will help your journey.
      • Explosives, because sometimes blowing up your path is easier then drilling it.
      • Beacon, to teleport you back to the surface wherever you are.
      • Insurance, to give you a brand new ship once you destroy yours.
  • Natural Disasters
    • The planet you are exploring is hostile and from time to time natural disasters will happen, like meteor showers, earthquakes and blizzards that will make your journey not as pleasant.


  • Fuel Station, to fill your tank and get your engine running.
  • Shop, where you can buy upgrades for your ship and/or tools.
  • Mineral Processor, where you can sell collected minerals.
  • Teleport pod, that will get you back to earth once you found antimatter.
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Hey guys, bringing you some updates.

Yesterday I've re-worked the entire UI system, and I think it is much more intuitive and clean.

New UI

Although it is not final, this will be the structure for the next UI. All things are accessible easily with a glance on the bottom part of the screen, and the information displayed is key to your gameplay strategy.

On other news:

New Ships

There are two brand new ship variations. One of them can drill two minerals at once and the other can drill three minerals at once.

Slave Drillers

You can now buy slave drillers that will drill and sell minerals alone and return the profits to you. These slaves are fully autonomous.

It's all for this update, thank you for voting!

You can vote here: Steamcommunity.com

Steam Greenlight Campaign

Steam Greenlight Campaign


Planet Driller is now available on Steam Greenlight. Be sure to vote, so that the game joins the wonderful Steam Market.

Release Details

Release Details


Planet Driller will soon join Steam Greenlight campaign!

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