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Be a Pixel Shopkeeper! Collect items, decorate your shop, craft new products, and sell your wares in this shop simulation game with inventory management puzzle mechanics. Train to beat tougher dungeons, unlock new classes and decor, and furnish your shop smartly to maximize profits and customer purchases, plus much more!

Some Features
- Purchase different kinds of tables, shelves, and decorations that affect different stats such as gold bonuses and customer choices
- Different dungeon types, enemies, and unlockable worlds so battle gameplay is not always the same
- Different bags you can obtain what give special effects such as delivering directly to inventory and multiplying an item type you collect!
- Unlockable characters that have different preferences
- Crafting! Make your own items that customers will pay a premium for
- Planting your own herbs, craft materials, boost items
...and more!

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In Pixel Shopkeeper you graduate as a starry-eyed brand-new Playable Character with a massive student debt that you need to pay off – by opening your own shop and selling your wares! In the process, you meet new characters as you unlock new classes and earn enough money to make a stellar shop and possibly name for yourself.

Obtain merchandise by battling enemies in dungeons using puzzle-type inventory management mechanics. Starting with a default square-shaped bag, rotate and drag items dropped by enemies into a grid. New bags with special powers can be purchased later in game, and over a dozen dungeons can be discovered!

Dungeon Gameplay

Perfect fit!

Sell your merchandise by customizing a small shopfront that you can eventually expand and decorate. Sell to certain hero classes and obtain materials from them that you can use for crafting. Crafted items fetch a heartier profit—as do upgrading your tables, buying decoration, and polishing your items for that extra oomph!

Shop Gameplay


Pixel Shopkeeper by Pixel Prototype is set to come out for PC [Steam Link] later this month.

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