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Prepare to be transported into a world of cyber punk pixels. Navigate and climb your way through each unique obstacle course to beat your previous time and unlock the next chapter in the campaign.

Pixel Arcade boats xx unique levels with level progression by activating all checkpoints. Each level comprimises of obstacles that require you to traverse, time and strategically avoid to progress. With lasers, limited time interactables, moving platforms, walls, cubes and more, Pixel Arcade is a challenge not to be underestimated. Can you beat your highscore and stand amongst the fastest in the world?

Pixel Arcade comes with xx levels on early access, with new levels added every sprint providing hours of fast action fun from strategising a level to mastering it. With instant load times, fast replayability and maximum VR graphical fidelity, Pixel Arcade allows you to get into the action right away.


Over 25 unique levels (100 in total on final*)

Optimized Gameplay - for fast load times, high frames and lag free experience**

Steam Trading Cards

Realtime Player Physics

HD Visuals and 3D Audio compliment

Coming Soon..
More levels, online leaderboards, a new secret mode and community voted features and mechanics.

*Time dependant due to levels increasing complexity
**hardware requirements dependant

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udpate header 1 0 2

Large update improving loading times, user experience, UI, tutorial, options, graphics, textures, levels and more. One of the super exciting updates that will come every two weeks to the game with the next update including a large number of levels.

Update Highlights

  • New textures on start cube, checkpoint and bonus cubes
  • Loading times have been decreased and levels will fade in and out of eachother respectively
  • Intro disclaimer added, can be disabled in the options menu along with the tutorial
  • More information added about interaction with white objects in tutorial
  • Rotating Objects have been added, can be seen in level 16
  • Sphere objects have also been added, these can also rotate and move
  • Various UI and UX improvements such as location of the level menu displaying your current level
  • Cluster drop time has been decreased to visually see the object fall, grab time not adjusted
  • Moved initial starting position closer to the level
  • White obstacles have been added from level 15 onwards

Levels up to 15 have not been adjusted to add the new interactables, as the game progresses more obstacles will be added to keep levels unique and fun as you complete the campaign. Checkpoints have now got a unique texture which will clearly show that it is a checkpoint cube that you can grab, keeping consistent with the white objects are not grabbable in the game. Along similar lines, the start cube also has a similar effect and the bonus cubes are clearly labeled so.

For a full overview in video format check out the youtube video below, where I discuss all the additions to the game from the game engine itself.

Bonus cubes marked with a ? are now not exclusively bonus cubes from level 15 (they may be adjusted for the feature about to be explained incorporated into them) will have a chance of adding time to your game, but they will also significantly reduce your time. They are not random, so learn the good ones for your speed run to rank high on the leaderboards!

Oculus supportHaving players with an oculus headset already playing was not expected. If you have purchased this game for oculus I cannot confirm that all features will work, however we have had reviews that players are able to complete the game given enough playspace. This is news to myself, as the developer I do not have access to the hardware to test therefore wont be announcing oculus support YET. HOWEVER I have implemented what i think is enough for oculus players to complete the game. Icons on the controllers may look wrong as they are bound to the vive controllers. Again please wait for an official announcement for oculus as there may be bugs I dont know about, but the game seems to be completeable on it which is awesome for speeding up the process.

Analytics have been incorporated in the unity services. This allows myself to see where players are struggling in real time and potentially easen the levels if they are too hard.

A starting disclaimer scene has been added to get the user set up in the headset without starting on the menu and to also give recommendations on safety within the game.

The game will be coming out to Viveport as soon as it is validated by the team. As of writing this it is not, but expect version 1.0.2 to be live there.

Come visit the offical company discord [discord.gg] to discuss with the developers behind the game, share ideas or even match make with the community!

Pixel Arcade Releases in EA Friday 11th August

Pixel Arcade Releases in EA Friday 11th August


Pixel Arcade is finally being released into Steam early access on the 11th of August with a 10% discount!

Preparing for Early Access release in 2 weeks

Preparing for Early Access release in 2 weeks


Pixel Arcade has finally got a game build uploaded to the Steam store for beta users. The game is still under development and more levels and final touches...

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