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The game concept is to set you in the Multiplayer World in the huge Shop Center(server can host 100 active players). You will be spawned in a random place on the map. It could be a shop or a parking garage or a toilet or elevator etc. etc.

There is a lot of ways to get a good loot in Pillage:

1. You can try to find some pistols, shotguns, ammo and become a king of the map.

2. You can find for example a machete and use it to kill some player who has got a weapon. (You think it's impossible? I don't think so. Maybe he forgot to reload ;) ).

3. You can collect valuable items. Then find Dealers on the map(They will be randomly spawned NPC who can buy your items or sell you whatever you need). As you can guess there will be a cash too!
You've got two types of cash:
a) The cash you have "in your equipment" - If you will be killed you will drop it down and the other player can take it.
b) The cash which you have in your bank account. You can transfer money in ATMs placed on the map. If you sell something to the dealer and you don't want to buy anything just transfer money to your bank account. When you need them withdraw. It's safer ;)

4. Craft weapons using items you found. A baseball bat with nails? Why not?5. You can ask your friend to give you some loot - The easiest way! :) There is no round-system. Everything that you have in your equipment will be saved when you leave the game.

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In this Shopping Center you must be careful all the time!

Enemies might be everywhere.

"Have you got time to talk about sweeping?"

The progress of creating the game is about 60%.

- My own dedicated server.
- Inventory System
- Movement System
- GUI System
- Networking System

To do:
- The map
- New items
- Sounds

I've successfully published my previous game on Steam, called Voxelaxy.
I also want Pillage to be published on Steam. If you're interested in my work:
Let's follow my Fanpage: Facebook.com
Visit my website: Jakubklementewicz.com
Follow me on Instagram: Instagram.com
Follow me on Twitter: Twitter.com
Subscribe me on Youtube: Youtube.com

Jakub Klementewicz.

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