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Phoenix Universe of Space Combat or Phoenix USC is a arena based fast action space combat MMO that will support up to 100 players per server (more possible). Players battle it out in arena free space or in a bases. Typical games are capture the flag, team on team and league or wing matches. Players select a spaceship and weapons to craft a ship to meet their needs. Battling in a rich visual environment players compete in building their scores, stats, wins and kills. If you like fast action, intense and addictive fast action online space combat then Phoenix USC is the game for you.

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This is a development video of the Phoenix USC preview demo I will be releasing . It shows the basic experience you will have playing the demo. I will be adding more weapon types/classes and ships as well as shield impact effects. I will also coordinate the weapons colors to match the team color of the ship. I also have several new ships to add, but I am getting very close to having the demo done.

You will also see some of the GUI features and the global chat (IRC gateway) used in the game. All available on the Phoenix USC preview demo coming soon. The demo is a stand alone version of the Phoenix USC client and will include 100 bot's for you to obliterate as well as capture the flag. This should help you get the basic I idea of what Phoenix USC is about. Total space combat, realtime, online with hundreds of fellow pilots battling it out for the thrill of victory!

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