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Perilous Warp is a fast-paced indie 3D-shooter with a pretty simple but still intriguing storyline. Get ready to meet the new perilous world of a mysterious desolated extraterrestrial Colony. But is the Colony abandoned indeed?

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  • Optional Storyline: either learn everything about the tragic events that took place at the base, or skip the boring stuff and plunge into the action.
  • Classic Combat System: find new deadly weapons at the base, from a classic shotgun to an advanced railgun, as well as a way to upgrade each gun.
  • Diverse Bestiary: your enemies will run, swim, pounce or dig out; they will be anything but a piece of cake.
  • Explore the World: look for stashes and secret places, visit optional offshoots, and get Steam achievements.
  • Scalable Graphics: our game engine implements many modern graphics technologies, but at the same time it can support weak systems.
  • Save Anywhere: in Perilous Warp you can save your progress wherever you like, and as often as you like; there are also autosaves.
  • Accept the Challenge: for certain gamers, the game can be real hardcore - no health regeneration, no navigation arrows, no bullshit!


2047 a.d. Within a distant stellar system, astronomers find an Earth-like exoplanet. It turns out that a composition of its atmosphere is similar to Earth's, and it could be suitable for humans. However existing space technologies do not allow reaching the planet in the near future.

2049 a.d. A meteorite consisting of an unknown mineral hits the Earth. Its shape and internal structure suggests that its nature is artificial, so it is probably a fragment of some extraterrestrial object. Attention of scientists is drawn to extremely unusual properties of the crysterite, as they called the mineral: it can create "warps", or hyperspace rifts. The first teleporters have been constructed, and then, a bit later, an experimental hyperspace engine for an insterstellar spacecraft. However it is one of a kind, due to extreme shortage of crysterite. Thorough search for the precious mineral is immediately initiated. Finally, traces are found in an emission spectrum of the exoplanet discovered two years ago. There are no doubts in the decision to send an expedition to the planet.

2050 a.d. A spaceship equipped with the hyperspace engine, with scientists, builders, security guards, necessary equipment and materials onboard, makes its way to the planet, to found a colony. People successfully land on the planet, build a base, discover crysterite mines and start their development. Six months have passed according to a plan, the first shipment of the mineral is about to be sent back to Earth, but suddenly the communication with the Colony has been interrupted.

The immense crysterite amounts at the Colony resulted in vast teleportation network throughout the base - but it was not the case for Earth. The only physical connection with the colony is an emergency input teleporter; the output counterpart is located at the Colonial base. Its low capacity only allows sending a small amount of vital cargo... or one fully equipped soldier - you.

You, as an experienced space marine, get an important task: go to the exoplanet through the emergency teleporter and find out what has happened to the Colony. Most likely you also have to find the spaceship - a fortified citadel - and try to reestablish the uplink. You don your favourite armour, take your trusty army knife, and bravely step into the teleporter with the desire for glorious adventures.


We do love classic old-school 3D-shooters. The development of Perilous Warp was inspired by such masterpieces as Quake, Unreal, Doom III, and certainly the brilliant game Chasm: The Rift. Old school players will discover numerous references, but even if you are not in your thirties yet - rest assured that you won't be bored!

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J.A.C.K. editor has been in development for a long time. However, in recent years, all updates and bug fixes were kept in beta status, and were only available to those who opted in the beta program. And now the time has come to publish a major update for all our users!

New Development Platform: macOS

In addition to Windows and Linux, J.A.C.K. now fully supports macOS. Moreover, the editor comes with native map compilers for Quake and Quake II, as well as with an option to download native map tools for Half-Life. Unfortunately, recent macOS versions (e.g. Big Sur) don't support 32-bit apps. This means that, although J.A.C.K. and the compilers will work, to run the old game you will probably have to install a custom 64-bit port. On older macOS versions (e.g. Mojave) everything should work out of the box.

Improved Auto-Configuration Tool

The automatic J.A.C.K. configuration tool has got much more functions, minimizing user intervention. For intance, the editor now automatically unpacks all the necessary resources from the packages, extracts textures for Quake and Hexen II (there was a plugin for those purposes, but not everyone knew it was available), creates a "maps" directory, sets the correct parameters for compile and launch, and much more!

Export Geometry to OBJ Format

Now you can export your level to OBJ format, which can be imported to many modern 3D editors, converted to other formats. Thus your levels can be exported to game engines which are not directly supported by J.A.C.K.. You can export the entire level, only selected objects, or objects within the bounds of the Cordon Tool. Faces with a NULL/caulk texture will not be exported.

Improved Cordon Tool

Now the cordon bounds are initialized not with a point, but with a 128x128x128 box, which makes them easier to edit. In addition, the "Enable Cordon" button now restricts rendering of the objects in the 2D and 3D views - you can see in the realtime which objects are going to be exported. This behavior can be disabled in the config using the parameter: ApplyCord>

User Profile System

J.A.C.K. now supports separate configurations for multiple users (including Steam library sharing mode). Settings are no longer lost after running cache integrity checks.

Creation of an Unwanted Primitive

How many times did you decide to create a block in the Block Tool mode, diligently painted the brush with the mouse, pressed Enter... to discover the unfortunate fact that the selected primitive was actually a cylinder? This is such a common problem that we decided to mention it in the list of major improvements! Now it is possible to undo the creation of the primitive while preserving the selection frame: just hit Ctrl+Z, select another primitive type, and press Enter again.

Xash Engine Support

There are certain improvements that facilitate working with this popular open source engine. For example, there is an option to turn off the studio model pitch inversion (also known as "Stupid Quake Bug"), which is not needed in Xash. In addition, J.A.C.K. now correctly renders studio model files with vertex weighting.

Lots of Improvements and Fixes

The editor code has been ported to Qt 4.8.7, and has been significantly revised. Here is a list of the major changes in version 1.1.2800; many of those were requested by the community:

  • The Entity Report window has been improved: now it is possible to search by value without specifying a key, as well as sorting by clicking the column headers.
  • Pointfile display in editor now uses RGB gradient.
  • Display of the rotation angle value in the Vertex Manipulation mode.
  • Holding the Alt key during Vertex Manipulation snaps to a one-pixel grid instead of the current grid.
  • FGD enhancement: specify the extension of the model and sprite format for specific entity fields (e.g. "studio: mdl" instead of "studio").
  • Introduced a new tool texture filter for AAS (Quake III specific).
  • Added the ability to automatically remove "angles" keyvalue for those objects where it was not explicitly specified in the FGD (you need to edit the config: PreserveImplicitAngles = false).
  • Added physical synchronization when writing files (reduces the chance for damaged maps after sudden reboots).
  • Added hotkey display in context menus.
  • Brackets in "Draw Sizing Info" mode now use dashed lines and made dimmer; you can disable them at all (edit the config: DrawSizingBrackets = false).
  • The editorcloses much faster.
  • The editor loads maps with a large number of models much faster.

Many bugs have also been fixed; here are some examples:

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect unloading of textures, sky and archives.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect model rendering distance in 3D views.
  • Fixed ASE format support, added vertex colors support (Quake III specific).
  • Fixed non-working right Alt in Russian keyboard layout (e.g. to open Object Properties window by Alt+Enter).
  • Fixed a bug with expert-mode compile configs not saved after renaming or deleting them.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect "unmatched target field" error detection (if a target is a path created with the Path Tool).
  • Fixed a bug with exporting empty brushes (for example, if the map contains Quake III curves, and it is exported to Half-Life, Quake or Quake II formats).
  • Fixed a bug with loading JMF files with UV-Lock enabled.
  • Fixed a bug with the default room lighting.
  • And much more - this is not a complete changelog!

As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions here, or on the Steam Community discussions. Thank you so much for making levels for classic games, and for using J.A.C.K. for that!

Perilous Warp: new 3D-action inspired by classics!

Perilous Warp: new 3D-action inspired by classics!

News 1 comment

We would like to present Perilous Warp, our upcoming fast-paced singleplayer 3D-action inspired by the classic 3D shooters. It is built from scratch on...


Oh wow.....This looks interesting!

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A game running on Volatile will finally release, and with a SDK?
I'm interested.

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Brilliant visuals!

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