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Try to finish all the different challenges we have prepared for you. Control the direction of the particle seed with the help of accelerometer or the joystick, leading in the direction you wish. You will have to collect items and turn into natural elements, that will help you go through different sections of the levels. A world that you will zoom in and zoom out, on a fractal adventure. Some enemies try to block your path and you'll be forced to fight! You will explore the universe in a way it has never been done before! from the biggest to the smallest!

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Level editor!


Hello players! we are working on a level editor, right now its going to be used to add new levels on the game, but in the near future you will be able to create, test and submit your levels, we have huge plans for the in game level editor! screenshots of the editor coming soon!!!!

This is what I have developed for the level editor:
Add walls, enemies, floors and items
Change theme
Change floor
Select walls, enemies and floor after adding them

Creavive Games [Development Team]

Blackberry Playbook beta release

Blackberry Playbook beta release


The first beta release of the game has been done today! it's for the blackberry playbook!

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