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Pale Coins is an Action RPG set in a fantasy world with challenging combat, open world exploration and a variety of items.

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The new demo version 1.3.0 was released, a discord server for Pale Coins is now available and several other things have been added.

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Pale Coins - April Update

- demo release -

April has been a busy month as I wanted to release a new demo on Steam for you to enjoy. The latest demo was release a while ago and so much has changed.
You may find the release notes here: IndieDB - Pale Coins Demo 1.3.0

- discord -

Initially, I wasn't sure how to get your feedback. Obviously, you were able to add comments below posts or create posts in the Steam community hub. Both options are not optimal, so thought about other ways and ultimately ended up creating a Discord server for Pale Coins: Discord

This is a place to share your thoughts about the game, share issues, tell me what you'd like to see and other stuff. Also, I'd love to talk to you about other games as well.

- what else has been changed? -

Apart from the demo and the discord server, several other things have been added which I want to show you.

Pale Coins - Fire Rain

One of my favourite spells in any video game is a fire rain. It's always fun to let fire rain upon your foes and burn your way through hordes of enemies. This spell will be available somewhere around mid- or end-game for wizards.

Pale Coins - New intro

New intro animations are shown during the intro. The old intro was somewhat uninspired, so I took the time and replaced the images.
Also, during the first gameplay section of the intro a short animation was added to make the intro more interesting.

Pale Coins - What is that?

What is that?
I won't spoil the purpose, but be prepared when activating that... thing.

- what's next? -

Right now I am working on new regions such as the academy of the wizards. Also, I am planning on updating the captial in the near future. I was impressed by the city Archolos from the Gothic II Mod "The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos", which I may use as a reference for the re-design. Obviously, due to limited time, I won't be able to create a city as big as Archolos.

Another important thing on my to-do list is to create default dodge/shield abilities. Currently, you'd have to find gear with dodge skills, if you want to dodge attacks.
It may by way cooler to have default mechanics to dodge or shield attacks. These should have lower iframes than the dodge-abilities on items.

Lately, I've been thinking about improving the itemization in Pale Coins. I feel like some items tend to be boring and won't be used. Especially in end-game you'd be farming for uniques only. This could be improved, but I still need to figure out how.

This concludes the April Update. I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know what you think.
Come visit the Discord server and let's talk about games: Discord

In case you want to get notified as soon as Pale Coins releases, or support the development, please wishlist Pale Coins on Steam: Pale Coins

See you in the next update and have a great day,


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