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Players take control of both a ghost and zombie to navigate through puzzle and enemy filled levels. Sneak past guards, possess your former co-workers, and take in an all-you-can-eat adventure in "Over My Dead Body (For You)."


In "Over My Dead Body (For You)", the brilliant scientist Noelle Brody, while working on an experiment for the evil corporation "Mortiga Consolidated", finds herself transformed into both a ghost and a zombie. Now Brody (suffering from an unfortunate case known as "Double Undeath") must use both her forms to progress through the Mortiga Complex in search for a cure... and perhaps some revenge!


This game is based on a prototype known as Over My Dead Body. It is a puzzle game that uses dual analog sticks to control both characters at once (Or with keyboard and mouse). This is a full commercial indie release featuring 20 levels, challenge modes, and much more! Coming to Wii U and PC via downloadable platforms.

It's currently up on Steam Greenlight to vote here: Steamcommunity.com

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Devlog Update 1 - Mortimer


“The J93-30 (Also known as “Mortimer”) was initially designed for use in the mining industry. Mass produced at a grand scale he was initially seen as a commercial failure due to faulty gas sensors along with poor cyber security features.

However he would be vindicated by the Military and Security sectors due to its advanced search and rescue protocols as well as his easily weaponized drill.

You will see many J93-30s on patrol in any of Mortiga Consolidated’s many facilities. Don’t be afraid though, when not in active pursuit Mortimer is as friendly of a robot as they come.

You see, we here at Mortiga don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.”

-Page 45 of “Mortiga: A History.”-

You can find more updates like this on our blog at Duneworld.ca! Thanks.

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