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test outskirts

Drive your ship through your foes and destroy them ! In this circular bullet-hell, switch colours to absorb projectiles, build up energy and unleash your powers. Overcome huge waves of enemies and master your combos to reach the best score possible !

In-game screenshot

Outskirts is based on three fondamentals:

  • Everything happens within a circle
  • The player and basic ennemies have three different colours
  • A combo system depending on killed enemies’ colour

The player can switch from each colour at any time during the game. This has several consequences:

  • if the projectile is the same colour as the player’s, he can absorb it and witness his power gauge filling up
  • if the enemy and the player have the same colour, player’s projectiles will deal less damages to those enemies. When they die, they fill said colour power gauge.

Player’s colour choice

By default, the players gets the power "Unleash".

Screenshot of ‘Unleash” Power

This power uses the whole power gauge and destroy everything standing on its path. The size of the explosion depends on the level of filling of each colour. Other powers can be unlocked thanks to the combo system.

Screenshot of the power gauge

In Outskirsts, there are two combo systems:

  • The first one is based on dead enemies’ colour and is limited to three.

Screenshot of the combo system’s UI

  • Use previous combos as value (Super-combo)

Combos are useful for two things: improve the player’s score and the multiplier.
Super-combos are secret combos that release powerful effects: fill every power gauge, replace the current power with another one, and so much more!

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Outskirts is now released!


It was about time!

Today is a great day, Outskirts is finally released! You can find it on Steam: Store.steampowered.com

Let's see the launch trailer:

For those of you who didn't follow our indie game developer journey, here is a brief memo about Outskirts:

  • Circular battlefield.
  • Play with the depth of the map to manage waves of enemies.
  • A colour system to absorb enemy bullets and optimize your damages.
  • Deep and rewarding combo system.
  • No randomness.
  • Interactive music.
  • Addictive (very).
  • Easy to play, hard to master.

Last but not least, and because we're pretty proud of it, the fabulous and dazzling OST is available on Bandcamp.

We truly hope you’ll enjoy the game and we can't wait to see your highscores! Thank you so much for your support for the past 2 years :)

News: What happens, Beta, Event

News: What happens, Beta, Event


News: a beta on steam, our monthly review and our next event.

New updates on Outskirts: Greenlight and Public beta!

New updates on Outskirts: Greenlight and Public beta!


Outskirts Update: Now on Greenlight and a public beta is released!

New Boss HUD and new preview!

New Boss HUD and new preview!

News 2 comments

A news about change made on boss HUD/Design and a boss preview.

Happy New Year, Past, Future

Happy New Year, Past, Future

News 2 comments

2015 was an incredible year, so wait for 2016 to be better! What we’ve planned so far...


That new boss gif is awesome !

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