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Build and manage orbital stations rotating around distant planets! Train your skills in a Mission mode or dive deep in a Free Play. Do you have the skills and wits to become a space pioneer, Engineer?

There are many space simulation games out there, most focus on deep space exploration or planetary colonization, still building and managing an orbital station is a new and unique challenge!

orbit.industries blends inspiration from classic science fiction literature, movies, and popular space-opera TV series with actual knowledge and progress achieved in the field of space exploration, space engineering, and orbital stations development.


orbit.Industries offers two graphically separate views while working on your station:

The outside space view shows your station in an orbit. Here, you will build and install new 3D modules - each with different functionality - and polish them with decorations. You will control and supervise all the ships arriving and departing the station. The full 3D environment allows expanding stations in all dimensions, taking advantage of the endless space.


The so-called Abstract System Layer (ASL) enables setting up and monitoring the different production cycles, to organize resources and services as efficiently as possible. These systems are placed and connected in a separate, abstract view that is presented in a circuit board form.

Those two different gameplay visual perspectives secure a high degree of creative freedom and optical variation in the outside view, enabling players to fully take advantage of the 3D in space. At the same time, outsourcing organizational processes with possibly hundreds of production lines inside the station into a separate ASL view ensures maximum clarity.


orbit.industries offers a unique economic system. Your task is to make your station as profitable and efficient as possible. Setting up stable production lines is hindered by the occurrence of errors and malfunctions, like fire outbreaks or hacking attacks. These errors are based on specific error probabilities that each module and each system entails.

Additionally, there are different mechanisms in place to prevent simply overloading production circuits to increase the difficulty of reaching high or even maximum efficiency. You are however able to have a positive influence by building modules and systems like a sick bay or a repair drone. These have a positive impact on the error probabilities of nearby modules and systems in a certain radius and they do make for an even larger variety of projects.


orbit.industries offers 3 different campaigns to play in a single-player mode, each set in a different location, so in every campaign, the station will orbit a different planet. Players need to build a device to terraform a planet to make it habitable and resource-rich.

Each of the 3 campaigns has its background narrative. Players must build one campaign-specific complex module, consisting of several smaller modules. Each of these modules has to be unlocked by researching the technologies through projects first and each of them requires the player to build various other basic modules first.

Additionally, players can choose between Endless or Creative modes, where they can build freely, set their focus, and keep busy for hours:

  • Endless mode is a type of gameplay with no set objective – progress normally through the game, build new modules and systems, earn money through projects and unlock new technologies to make the space station even bigger and more efficient.
  • Creative mode: while similar to Endless mode, allows you to approach the game with a more free-roam attitude and to build your station with absolute freedom. All technologies are already unlocked since the beginning and there are no constraints on money or time!

orbit.industries key features:

  • Full 3D Orbital Station shown in two different visual perspectives
  • Setup and management of production pipelines and cycles
  • Research and Development of new production-related technologies
  • Procurement and reward systems to keep players constantly engaged
  • Contracts players can accept for one of two reasons: Earn money for the space station in form of a reward, Research and unlock new technologies, in the form of a new module required for building
  • 54 extension modules you may build and expand your station

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Pre-order orbit.industries and save before the premiere!

Pre-order orbit.industries and save before the premiere!


orbit.industries is now ready to pre-order on Nintendo Switch!

BUILD. MANAGE. PROSPER. orbit.industries launches on April 21st!

BUILD. MANAGE. PROSPER. orbit.industries launches on April 21st!


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To boldly go where no man has gone before…

To boldly go where no man has gone before…


Greetings, space pioneers. We want to greet you in the new series, where we will be shedding some light on our progress in creating Orbit.industries...

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Orbit industries announcement trailer Steam

Orbit industries announcement trailer Steam


✨Have you ever dreamt about building orbital space stations rotating around distant planets? Then better train your skills in a campaign mode or dive...

LunarShuriken - - 1,292 comments

Wow, Star Trek game!

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