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In an ever expanding galactic exploration, with factions and wars, is your home made ship up to the challenge?


With an expanding catalog of parts and weapons, build your ship up to your imagination, but be warned, the laws of physics still do apply.

You must balance your thrusters or else your ship will become an uncontrollable flying disc.


With an ever expanding universe, explore different planets to unlock new parts for your ship to improve you ship's weapons and thrusters.


Have a taste for combat? We have you covered! With a growing number of weapons, you can use different combinations fight or defend against various AI or player combatants.


  • Disconnected parts fall off and become obstacles instead of just disappearing
  • Growing roster of weapons and parts
  • Procedural and land-able planets
  • Full physics with thruster balancing


  • Build-able Fighters
  • Full Solar System
  • Campaign
  • PVE wave defense
  • Multiplayer
  • and more

Comments or Suggestions?

Feel free to post suggestions and feedback at the community hub so players can comment and discuss various features.

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Hello Everyone! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! This update is a pretty big one, so let's see whats changed!

Whats new?

This update introduces the scenario mode! This mode allows you to use ships build in sandbox or the steam workshop and create scenes from them! You can move or rotate the ships in any way you would like to! You can also select and move multiple ships at the same time!

This mode also has the option to load or save your scenarios so you can edit your scenarios for later!

Time Scale

You have the ability to slow down, and even stop the scene, allowing you to move the camera around to observe the battle in a very high detail! The scale can be changed using buttons or +/- on the keyboard.

Example of timescale

High resolution Screenshots

In this mode, you have the option to take high resolution screenshots! Available resolutions are 8K, 5K 4K, and 1080p. This allows you to create very high detail photos of your scene! The format is in jpg and might add the option to toggle different file types.

4K example

Other Features
Here are some of the other small features that are in this mode!
-Ability to set AI teams
-Ability to toggle the planet
-Ability to set the sun rotation/movement
-Ability to undo or redo ship positioning/rotation
-Ability to modify the planet

Demo has been updated with the new graphics as well.

Video Trailer

Store Page: Store.steampowered.com

Feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions!

Update 0.2.15 (Minor Graphics Update, New Parts, and Bug Fixes)

Update 0.2.15 (Minor Graphics Update, New Parts, and Bug Fixes)


The new content added to version 0.2.15 and more goodies!

December Recap

December Recap


Recapping Events in December and future updates to come.

Demo available on Steam!!

Demo available on Steam!!


Do you wish to try out and build a Voxel ship, here's your opportunity to try out the game before the Early Access release.

Orbital Shipyards Steam Sale (50% off)

Orbital Shipyards Steam Sale (50% off)


Orbital Shipyards is on sale during the Lunar New Year event on Steam.

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Orbital Shipyards Demo

Orbital Shipyards Demo


Pre-release demo build for Orbital Shipyards. Sandbox is the main available feature in this build along side a spectator mode to preview usermade ships...

Guest - - 695,939 comments

Cool game, looks like it has some potential! If you're looking for some inspiration, id recommend checking out the Atomic Rockets website. I think it's pretty useful for projects like this.

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LunarShuriken - - 1,293 comments

Looks great!

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orbitalshipyards Creator
orbitalshipyards - - 1 comments

Many thanks! Always open to questions or suggestions!

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