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The genocidal A.I. called DiOS has nearly wiped out humanity, and the O.R.B. is the world’s only hope left!

O.R.B. – the Offensive Rolling Bot was created by a desperate scientist who sent O.R.B. back in time to destroy DiOS before it can kick off its evil plan to get rid of humans and to take control of the world.

You take control of O.R.B., a robot with a special ability to transform into an attack ball. As a robot, you’re a powerful gun-slinging robot, who can walk, hop, shoot, and shield yourself from the evil minions of DiOS. But there are moments and obstacles which you simply can not overcome without being a speedy little ball made of metal and badass-attitude.

Find hidden secrets in the story-mode, beat bosses, open new worlds, get new abilities, and be the savior in this retro-styled action-platformer!

But remember and beware, this game is not for the faint of heart: it can be H.A.R.D., so buckle up buttercup and get ready to O.R.B.

What O.R.B. is all about:

  • Play Story mode to follow our carefully crafted and epic story
  • Metroidvania-inspired, retro-styled, post-apocalyptic action-platformer (ok, that was a mouthful...)
  • Complete the Story and unlock New Game+ mode, in which you’ll have the weapons and abilities from the story, but with extra difficulty
  • You start your journey as a regular ol’ robot, but find some ballin’ abilities in the story
  • As the robot, you’ll be able to hop, walk, shoot, and protect yourself with a self-recovering shield
  • As the ball, you can move faster, launch yourself over big obstacles, explode enemies, and a lot more
  • Find new abilities, like slowing down time
  • Collect scrap parts and upgrade your gear
  • Defeat epic bosses & open new worlds
  • Kick some evil asses around, and roll to the victory!

DiOS is powering up already, so be there, or be square! (You know, the square is not a ball, and, well, O.R.B. can be a ball...)

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O.R.B. Offensive Rolling Bot
O.R.B. Offensive Rolling Bot
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