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Omega Sector is a online pvp open sandbox game. It takes elements from Halo, Homeworld, Eve online, etc. So far the beginner world of the Terran alliance is in closed alpha and only a handful of people can test this game until the game is at a more playable stage. When the game reaches 50% of completion I will release an open beta for players to connect to the world and help balance the game. Then from there I will take in everyone's comments via email and try to balance out the gameplay a bit more. Right now the player limit is 32 but I have not had that many people on at one time so when I feel comfortable having 32 random people I will post a demo up. The game is set in the future where two human factions wage war over a solar system in dispute. Players start off as miners on either empires mining outpost and from there they can either mine or kill players for credits once they can afford their first starship or fighter they may begin to explore the solar system.

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This is the current build of the game along with the demo I will post the SVN link to update the game. Master server works on the game so players can create their own games and join others. The GUI is very very very basic and a placeholder. I tutorial of how to do things will be the next patch for the demo.This is a demo of some of the game it is no where complete but this is a single years worth of my hard work put into this game. Feel free to get on the forums and report bugs, gameplay elements, etc. The game is still very rough but is in a playable stage and Im still working on some lag issues but for the most part the game should run at a decent speed.

Omega Sector Demo
bocomarine Author

To switch weapons use mouse wheel. Once you have the grenade laucher fire at the rock till a smaller rock pops out each one gives you 5 ore. You need 20 to get 100million credits as I hacked the refining in this game for now. Once you get 20 ore you have to goto the refinery which is located inside the base and has a tower sticking out of the top go inside and you will see a VENT like thing get near it and a prompt will appear. once refined you will get your money and then you can make vehicles in game. There is a vehicle factory which is inside a red building with a ramp. Fighters are located at the starport just jump into the elevator to get to the top. Once there there are consoles that create the fighters just explore a bit you can't miss them. To get it just walk around till it prompts you to press e to enter and the controls for fighters are the following

Q accelerate
Z decelerate
WASD <-- flight controls
Mouse 1 (left mouse button) fire weapon

Dropship only
Spacebar : lifts the vehicle upwards or lets the player hover if they tap spacebar.

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bocomarine Author

When you start the game press Character then name yourself. Once that is done press START now it will freeze for a second or two do not worry its just loading and I haven't made a loading screen yet so do not fear or worry that the game has Crashed at start up. Once in game you will have 0 credits to get more credits you will have to mine for it since I have not implemented PVP credits yet. To mine you shot at rocks in the game there is a specific spot you have to shot. Just use Nade laucher

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bocomarine Author

Also when you start there is a window called Server Controls this is where you Host or join another player's game and in the upper right there is spaces to name your game if your hosting. This is temporary and I will fix it so its with the same GUI window as the rest of the server controls.

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bocomarine Author

Also please forward Port 25002 to allow others to join game for some reason if you do not allow this it will not allow others to join the game. Google Portfowarding for your router device it will have a tutorial for your device every router has one.

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bocomarine Author

Updated the build on 11/8/2011 Arizona Time 12:55am
Fixed loading screen splash screen, implemented fog, fixed some lag issues with vehicles. I will setup a SVN for the game this week when I find some free time and I will paste a link of what SVN is and the link to get updates for the game. also fixed issues with server controls should be more manageable now.

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