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You are Philbert, a disgruntled office worker who has been slaving away his entire life dealing with tedious reports, spreadsheets, grueling hours of data entry, and related crap. After pouring your sweat, blood, tears (basically, your entire life) into this soul-sucking business, you’ve been summarily fired -- catapulting you into a fit of pure blind rage! Charge through thousands of cubicles, fend off security, and tear down any obstacles in your path to make the boss who fired you finally pay in Office Freakout!.


  • Annihilate up to 90% of the environment.
  • Fill your Rage bar based on the trail of destruction you leave behind.
  • Unlock valuable pieces of Gold Poo in every level.
  • Destroy everything in sight with a universal pickup/melee system.
  • Customize Your Office With Colors/Pattern Unlocks!
  • Unlock new weapons and character skins!
  • Build up your points using a dynamic points calculator based on object mass and velocity.


We are interested in hearing your feedback to make the game even better!

We still have a few features to tweak out and improve, but the game should be done in a few weeks! Depending on Office Freakout and the interest it gets will depend on what else we may potentially add to the game. But here are a list of features that we are considering adding if gamers like it!

  • More Content Such As Weapons, Office/Character Skins and More
  • DLC


We are Hollow Robot! A team of passionate game developers aiming to create new, fun and engaging content. This is our first game but we have many others planned. We love what we do.

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Hey everyone!

Office Freakout was greenlit in 1 week! We have been super crazy and working hard to make sure we get this game to everyone. We would like to take this time to thank everyone who has helped us get to this point!

We are slated to release on Sept 27th 2016 on Steam. Unfortunately due to some issues with our Mac side, that will be delayed to a later patch, so this will be a Windows only launch for now. We have a lot planned though and cannot wait to show you what else we have to offer after launch.

As you can see below we are all set up on Steam and ready to go!

We will have a support board up at forums.hollowrobot.com where you can post any bugs, glitches or any feedback you would like to give to us. This is all going to be monitored by our main devs, including our lead programmer so any and all posts will be handled asap.

You can also chat with us on the forums!. We have a Ask The Devs board set up so you can get a chance to know the team at Hollow Robot.

We will be releasing Press keys on Sept 20th, so if you would like to request a key to review Office Freakout please send all requests to press@hollowrobot.com

Well that is all for this update be sure to check us out on Steam Sept 27th! and remember to Stay Hollow!

Office Freakout now on Steam Greenlight

Office Freakout now on Steam Greenlight

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Office Freakout is now on Steam Greenlight! We also have two trailers to show you!

Official Office Freakout Steam Greenlight Trailer

Official Office Freakout Steam Greenlight Trailer

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Office Freakout releasing on Steam Greenlight July 11th 2016 at 12:00 PM PST.

Regol1th - - 264 comments

Shame this company relied 100% on this game's sales and went out of business. So now this game can no longer be bought.

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Guest - - 696,560 comments

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superjbgamer - - 7 comments

this game looks amazing

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MartynTranter Creator
MartynTranter - - 14 comments

Thank you!

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