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Nwtn is a local multiplayer brawler with up to eight players. Take control of a single spaceman without a space ship, where all you have is the gun in your hands. Teams or no teams, this game can break friendships.

Grab your friends and try out this local multiplayer brawler. Up to eight players are thrown together in this bullet hell. Teams against teams, or free-for-all, your one goal is to be the last alive. As a spaceman without a space ship, your only weapon is the gun in your hands, and your only control is.. Well, that gun in your hands. Drifting across a zero g asteroid field, you've gotta time those shots if you want to get anywhere. Check your Newtonian physics! Space isn't too empty, watch for those asteroids. There good for cover, but if you're not careful you'll be knocked right out of the map by them. That's a disappointing death...

Everyone only has one key to control their character, and that's the shoot button. Witness madness as teams attempt basic strategy and tactics, only to lose members to the vacuum of space and stray bullets from distant players.

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Nwtn tutorial

Other Tutorial

IMG 0263

Just a glance over the all of the controls, there shouldn't be anyone abandoned without an idea on how to play the game! Going through all the menus and the game itself, at least one player should read this before jumping into the game, unless you're a true beast who can take any punishment a game could throw at them.

The title screen

Once the game has started up, you can click anywhere on the screen (Well, apart from the buttons in the corner...) to access the player creation screen. Those buttons access the credits, toggle the sound and reset the game respectively. Oh, and press Esc to exit!

Player creation menu

Here you can setup all the players who are going to play. There's actually a help button located in the bottom right corner tyat bringa up a simple guide, but I'll walk you through the menu anyway. Just click the big plus button to add another player. The you can click on a player to remove them from the game. Clicking the white arrows changes the players appearance. There are different colors and helments to choose from, and note that your color determines which team you're on. Clicking the letter underneath the player allows you to change what letter your shoot key is. Finally, the checked box is the teams setting. If it's checked, players with the same color won't hurt each other and share the same scores. Handy for teaming up on someone who's too good.

Once everyone's happy with their character, click 'Ready' to start the game!

The game itself

The game itself is extremely simple. Press that key you chose earlier to fire your gun. That's it. But it's how you shoot your gun tgat matters, because this game isn't named after a great physician for nothing! When you fire your gun, not only is a bullet fired out one end, but the force also sends you in the other direction. Normally here on Earth that's perceived as recoil, but firing a gun in space? Ignoring all the 'space is a vacuum and you can't shoot guns in vacuums', you can use this weapon as a jetpack, and as a weapon. Timing your shots allows you to project yourself backwards towards victory! Careful not to fall of the edge though!

Blue's the last alive, so blue is declared Winrar!

Your score is located above your head when you're alive. You get points for kill other players or being the last alive. But be warned: You lose points for falling off the map! Shameful act... There isn't actually a score limit, so you can keep playing till one of you decides enough is enough and trashes the computer. Maybe to prevent damage to your computer, you can hit Esc anytime to pause the game and access the pause menu. Here you can resume, exit to menu or leave the game entirely.

And that's it! Those are all the controls I could think of off the top of my head. I havent explained any tactics or strategies, that should be for you to find out with friends.

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nwtn (Mac)

nwtn (Mac)

Full Version

Nwtn is a 2D arcade inspired action game. Fight against your friends in a local multiplayer brawler. A space man without a spaceship, your only weapon...

nwtn (Windows)

nwtn (Windows)

Full Version 1 comment

Nwtn is a 2D arcade inspired action game. Fight against your friends in a local multiplayer brawler. A space man without a spaceship, your only weapon...


Looks so good! Unfortunealy I don't have the time to try it out but it looks so good! Make it best as you can!

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tedski999 Creator

Thanks! I'm glad you lke it, try it out whenever you do have the time. It's just a simple game made by a few friends so don't expect to much!

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