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It is a persistent, open-world, browser based game where you can build your very own space empire! A large and dynamic galaxy system makes regional control, politics, trading, and scheming an important part of our player experience. Progression is both active and passive - Population, resources, and energy are generated constantly over time, while facility upgrades and turn-based actions must be strategically used. Growth curves and resource sinks ensure both new and veteran players have a meaningful impact on trade and the economy. PvP conflict involves espionage, assassinations, resource raids and unit capture. Diminishing returns and fleet control systems help ensure each Colonized planet is punching within their weight class. Our goal is to have user content and user-driven narrative impact the direction of our game. Specialized weapons and whips will be researched, crafted, tested, and sold by the players. Alliances have publicly traded investments in an active stock market.

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Review after 2 years

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SpaceAlpha is an exciting browser-based game that allows you to build your own space empire and explore a dynamic and vast galaxy system. As a player, you can choose to progress actively by making strategic upgrades and turn-based actions, or passively by generating resources, energy, and population over time. This balance of active and passive progression ensures that both new and veteran players can have an impact on the game's economy and trade.


The game's unique mechanics require you to specialize your units as you progress through the game. You can train your plant-like creatures to become farmers, engineers, scientists, and doctors. This ensures that you can solve problems like deforestation, resource shortages, and inefficient healthcare systems. You can also mine resources and build spaceships, which allows you to expand your empire, colonize new planets, and compete with other players for resources.

SpaceAlpha offers a variety of gameplay options for different types of players. If you enjoy fighting, you can engage in PvP conflict and use espionage, assassinations, and raids to gain an advantage over other players. But if you prefer a more peaceful approach, you can focus on trading on the market, flipping resources, or investing in the stock market.

The game's art-style is unique and entertaining, with meme-like graphics and nicely animated 3D objects. Additionally, the game offers customization options that allow you to create your own unique space empire.

Overall, SpaceAlpha is a fun and engaging game that offers a unique space empire building experience. If you're a fan of browser-based games and enjoy strategy games, then SpaceAlpha is definitely worth checking out.

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My first month of alphatesting.

My first month of alphatesting.

News 2 comments

A multiplayer incremental strategy game, with infinite progression.

Zane___ - - 2 comments

Absolutely fantastic and addictive game, backed up by an amazing community!

Consider joining one of the best and most helpful alliances, Illenium!


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ZeroInFo56 - - 24 comments

Excellent game, slow crawl at first but once you get on your feet, it just starts rolling :)

Join my alliance and I'll help you get on your feet!


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spacealphanet - - 2 comments

Follow us on twitter :)

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