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Note: This game is currently in beta stages and is constantly being updated with new content, features and fixes. The game is fully playable and is currently being privately tested.

Neon Seas is a fast paced 1st/3rd person shooter based in a futuristic series of gladiator-esque neon arenas. Battle against each other in team or free for all deathmatches, King of the Ring, or Demolition derbys. Hone your skills with the many weapons in your arsenal in timed target shooting trials and show off your best times to your friends. Once you’re ready, you can take on the true Kings of the arena in co-op, or even single player combat. Every boss that you’re able to beat will reward you with their signature weapon, which you can use for subsequent boss battles.

Note: This list of features will be updated during development. We are currently in the process of adding a lot of new things in rapid succession, so we’ll be pushing large patch notes from time to time.

We want to bring a diverse arsenal of weapons to keep gameplay interesting. As it stands, we are constantly working on adding in more weapons. Here are the weapons that are currently in the game:

- Mega Cannon (A standard cannon that packs a large punch)

- Machine Gun Turret (Rapid fire awesomeness to take out mid-range targets)

- Energy Cannon (Straight firing ball of energy that, when close to a target, explodes into several heat seeking balls that deal extra damage)

- Hurricane Propulsion Unit (Powerful internal engines generate a low pressure wave to create a miniature hurricane that moves slowly across the battlefield sucking in anything that gets close)

- Missile Launcher (Six shot dumbfire rocket launcher for short bursts of high damage)

- Sawblade Launcher (Slow firing, high damage sawblades spinning at high speeds tear into enemy armor)

To bring more diverse play to Neon Seas, we have decided to bring in multiple fast paced game modes. The modes we currently have in game are:

- Arena Free for All KOTR (KOTR, King of the Ring, is a modified version of King of the Hill in which players struggle to maintain control of the center ring until the time runs out. Players can also steal points from other players by destroying their hovercraft. The player with the most points at the end of the round wins.)

- Arena Free for All Deathmatch (Join in an all out free for all deathmatch to see who can obtain the most ships destroyed by the end of the round)

- Arena Team Battles (Join teams and fight other players in a team deathmatch to try to get the most ships destroyed to come out on top)

- Boss Battle Mode (Take on the real Kings of the Arena in massive Single player or Co-op battles. Each boss has it’s own unique arena and fighting style. Figure out their attack patterns, and if you are able to best them in combat you will receive their signature weapon. In the boss battle arena, you are allowed to choose two weapons before the fight. There is also a progression system that is only used for boss battles to keep the PvP elements balanced)

We will be implementing maps based on each of the bosses during the final phases of development because at the moment our priority is finalizing the gameplay. Here are the maps that are currently in the game:


- Drowned Temple (A long forgotten meeting ground for ancient civilizations. Over time, high tides brought in several species of glowing algae that thrived off of the serene waters of the temple.)

Boss Maps

- Lost Colosseum (Another landmark flooded by the intense pull of the supermoon on the ocean waters. Due to it’s depth, it became home to several large aquatic creatures… or one large one with multiple heads.)

- Aztec Temple (A temple designed to contain the power of the God of Thunder. It was kept in a deep slumber for thousands of years, but because of extremely expensive water damage, the contractors were unable to afford the workers required to keep the place running.)

Challenge Maps

- Challenge 1 (The first of a series of time trial maps created to test how fast of a shooter you really are)

There are many other small features that we have implemented:

- Fully functioning multiplayer hosting/joining via IP

- Dynamic menus

Here’s a list of features that are in the planning stage and are subject to change. Things are changing constantly and new ideas are being implemented and tested. Our team is really pressing this game to be the best we can possibly make it. If you have any suggestions for what you want to see or change, please let us know!


-Giant Coelacanth-like creature (Needs a name) Mr Cola Can


-God Hand

-Lightning Gun

-Laser Cannon


-Tesla ball cannon

-EMP launcher


-Redone versions of all of the melee weapons


-Icy Depths

-Sky Island

-The Canyons

Game modes

-Demolition Derby

Gameplay Changes

-Progression system for boss battle mode

-Make menus 3D to prepare for VR integration



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