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You are the last MoNK, just learning there is much more to the world than Earth. You'll be thrust into a fantasy-like world and learn to use powers that interact with one another, solve puzzles, and learn the mystery of the universe hidden for hundreds of thousands of years. Or you won't, and it's the end of all living creatures. No biggy... OR, you are Venn Industries creation: Ultimate Stickman. You were born for one mission and one mission alone, to help Venn take over the universe. You are his love, his creation, .. and his slave. But not for long if you can help it.

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My definition of Quasi-RTS: A mix between a true RTS and a turn based game like Civilization. Players will build up 'move points/gold' through their army selection and resources, but will only be able to max out to a certain level. These replenish over time, forcing a player to make wise decisions ahead of time. I also get frustrated with true RTS games, as kids with worse strategy than me but faster fingers can often take me :) That's the nice thing about being a developer, you set the rules. (=

I also wanted something that could be played on iPad/Linux/Mac, so I picked up Unity and designing a whole new game library in C#.
While the artwork is not even 1% done, the game itself is well under way, and should have a majority of the backend complete the next month or two. This is just a quick demonstration of what can be accomplished in a few months:

SinisterRainbow's Game System gets VLW upgrade

SinisterRainbow's Game System gets VLW upgrade

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The VLW (Very Large World) system allows us to generate terrain in real time and extend to millions of miles wide. We added a new character and two new...

sinisterrainbow Creator
sinisterrainbow - - 4 comments

Yah, we're rolling without an artist still, so needs crazy amount of work, we're focusing on game play.. Like just implemented the VLW system - so now the game is virtually infinite, and all terrain is generated in real time. It's a ways to go, really working towards a Beta for November, but we'll see. (=

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Blitzgrutel - - 13 comments

Seems to have a good future! Tracking!

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silverfang22 - - 425 comments

Tracking, since you guys actually look like you've put some work into this before posting it on moddb. Your texture work really needs some improvement though, just saying :D

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Ratchet18O_o - - 105 comments

But they've done a good job for what they have. Considering this is early development, it looks pretty good. Sure it still needs some polish, but it looks great so far.

Keep up the good work guys. :)

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NEW GAME DONE - I turned a 2 day game jam into a month long project - Lupus N' Krump resulted -- Youtube.com

Feb 21 2014

First look at Iron Castle is now here! This was a lot of months in the making.. Youtube.com

Dec 29 2013

Quantum Entanglements are much easier to learn than Machine Learning Theory. Machine learning for Castle is out anyway, needs too much data

Aug 28 2013

Still working on Castle until CryEngine Indie issues are resolved. Half way through the game. Large video update coming soon.

Jun 28 2013

Vacation over. My Unity "Castle" game has with 3 game modes in the works. Stickman just got featured on CryDev.net news again.

Apr 18 2013