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own new engine, an evolved AI and a ton of new features.


Key Features

  • Award-winning and time-proven firefight simulator as imagined by a solo dev and the MNB community over 12 years.
  • Immerse yourself into a highly randomized battlefield where your decision-making abilities will be tested.
  • Infinite tactical possibilities across miles of procedurally generated terrain from the beaches of Normandy to Berlin.
  • Lead your squad the way you want with a selection of 12 classes from light infantry flankers to heavy gunners.
  • Over 600 lines of original voice acting!
  • Array of weapons and equipment. If it was in WW2 we want it to be in Mud and Blood. Equip a versatile squad that can handle the chaos of combat.
  • Call in off-map support to obliterate your enemies such as airstrikes, artillery and armour.
  • Entirely destructible and flammable environments littered with empty shells, blood and destroyed objects.
  • Fight for every inch of terrain against a merciless enemy that follows the infantry doctrine of WW2.
  • True and gritty tactical combat mechanics designed by a war veteran. Use fire and movement between concealment and cover. Manage the psychological effects of casualties and incoming fire.
  • Faithful to the Mud and Blood tradition, progress through a career and earn one of the many ribbons which in return affect your game.
  • Optional CLASSIC MODE: Play Mud and Blood in a defence scenario against endless waves of enemies.


Ready for some unfair brutality?

Experience World War 2 as a squad leader in an extensively random war game. MNB is all about testing your decision-making ability and your faculty to adapt in a scenario where no punches are pulled.

This is your show. Complete freedom over how you will conduct your operation with endless options ranging from different soldiers, weapons, buildings, and airstrikes…now get out there and fight with all you got.

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Good day folks, I hope you had a good veteran/remembrance day yesterday.


Let's not delay further: The new Mud and Blood steam edition demo is out!! Head over to Steam and join the fight.

I'm very proud of the new game and happy to finally after all those years (12) give you something that is 100% worthy of bearing the name that meant so much for some of us in the past. It is time to go back to memory lane and command your small squad, once more, through the unfair, random and brutal realities of war.


Faithful to its tradition, the new Mud and Blood offers what it's known for Hard, fast, random and chaotic combat. All this on a smooth home-brewed engine with no frames rate limit. MNB also brings a new AI to the fight which will use cutthroat tactics, flanking and maneuvering to destroy you. The game speed has been increased rendering combat more violent and unpredictable while rewarding boldness and sound tactics.

mnb 1

All in all, this is a good time to be a Mud and Blood fan. And with all my heart, good folks out there, I thank you for sticking with us all those years, even after flash died still playing OG Mud and Blood titles and hanging with us.


The full version is set to release on early access the 1rst December 2021 and until then, I speak for the MNB community, we hope to see you around, share some good war stories and talk tactics.

Enjoy the demo.


Details in the latest update:

- Enemy will spawn offscreen if the player posts up at the end of the map.
- Airburst will only affect living soldiers (mainly to minimize blood spam)
- Fixed a typo in iron cross-save
- Fixed typos in the mentions for the soldier of the day
- Added weapon description for the Johnson
- Allied soldiers who loot fausts will have a Panzerfaust on top of their backpacks
- Very early option panel from the game menu
- Hard cap for days ahead to 10
- Increased the skill of German soldiers to 6 %
- Fixed FJ and SS not spawning properly on some occurrence in classic mode
- Length of the gunner's incendiary skill increased to 60 sec
- Fixed a bug where mouse over text would be translucent
- Fixed a crash with the SS troops counter intelligence ability
- Volume option is now persistent
- Dead soldiers will not detonate mines anymore
- Rifle grenades will not bounce off the walls when fired inside
- Fixed air burst in campaign mode
- Game difficulty reacts to player soldiers loss
- Fixed an occurrence where disarmed UXOs would not disappear
- Added a community tab to the main menu
- Allied soldiers now flee when their morale get under 0
- Pause and other temporary setups reset with a profile reset
- Rounded up timers for skills so we don't have fractions in the UI especially after using the "29th let's go!" skill.
- Prevented some looping sounds to carry over in the option menu
- Changed location of mouse over text on classic mode commands
- Added back buttons in the classic mode menu
- Removed idle rotation to soldier with deployed bipods

MUD AND BLOOD - Classic mode

MUD AND BLOOD - Classic mode

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Get ready for a tough fight and prepare your defences accordingly! Mud and Blood rolls in with its classic mode patch.

 MUD AND BLOOD 0.1.9 - lil QA Patch

MUD AND BLOOD 0.1.9 - lil QA Patch


QA patch that will be the groundwork for defensive play implementation.

MUD AND BLOOD 0.1.8 - QA and violence Patch

MUD AND BLOOD 0.1.8 - QA and violence Patch


A satisfying QA and stability patch that brings the combat level to a crisp and fast level.

MUD AND BLOOD 0.1.7 - Career Progression Patch

MUD AND BLOOD 0.1.7 - Career Progression Patch

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A fluff ton of new mechanics and player abilities added to the brutality simulator.

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it's back..?

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