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A gentleman from the Old School Secret Agent. Works with Honor and Pride. Trained with the most advanced tactical team in the 60’s. Is technics still up to date. Back in the 70's our Hero, a well known Spy, was in a mission to defeat his biggest Enemy, the “Dollar”. A Enemy that has very powerful Allies deep in the Financial Markets. His objective is to take over all the Markets in the world and therefore rule all the politician to his profit.

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Hello, I'm happy to show the Players animations made so far, such as:
Walking, drawn, aim and rest, walking with the gun, firing, holster and 3 random deaths animations.

Player Firing Aim Rest Walk Gun Walking idle

Player Death Animations Pixel

I can't watch the third death without a smile in my face, really liked the way the arms swing!

You can see them now implemented in the game.

GameDev FirstSteps 03

GameDev FirstSteps 04 1

GameDev FirstSteps 05

In my next article I'll show the player already activating the elevators in the computers, saving the game and I hope a lot more!

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Money Lords - Final Logo

Money Lords - Final Logo


Money Lords Logo creation - a platformer that fights against Capitalism.

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