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The game you are trying to view has ceased development and consequently been archived. If you are a member of this game, can demonstrate that it is being actively developed and will be able to keep this profile up to date with the latest news, images, videos and downloads, please contact us with all details and we will consider its re-activation.

Mindworld is a First Person Action Adventure Game developed with UDK. In January 2011, the project was started. The player gets into the role of Katherine Evans who suffers from depression and is looking for answers in her subconscious mind, which she enters via lucid dreaming. Throughout the adventure, the player has to collect clues, solve puzzles, fight enemies and overcome obstacles in a surreal dreamworld that slowly turns into a fearsome nightmare. Mindworld is divided into four chapters and offers multiple endings, which are influenced by the decisions the player makes during the gameplay.

RSS Mindworld: Content Update June 2011

Breathtaking new concept art, music and a statement about the current situation of the game development team behind Mindworld are given in this update of June 2011.

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This article contains information about our recent progress in development, aswell as another glance at the Outer World (Tutorial Area).

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June has been rather quiet compared to the other months. This is because we were crossing fingers to find some 3D artists full of inspiration, delivering us highly professional 3D models to realize the level designs we are currently working on.

The bad news is that we did not find any of those we wished for and those who applied for the project jumped off shortly after taking on the sample tasks we set. This means that our level designer is still working on the environments himself, which takes quite a lot of time, because he is also working full-time to make a living.

Now, the good news is that we did not find any 3D artist at all to help us out. You may or may not wonder why this is good news for us as developers and for you as the community, awaiting this project to get realized.

Up to here, I have kept the articles professional, informing and entertaining without giving out too much personal touch of mine regarding the content of the news. This time it is going to be a little bit different, because of the current situation we are currently facing. Like I said earlier, the bad news seems very bad and purely bad at the beginning, but there is definitely some really good news hiding in there.

At first, I was confused about the lack of interest in working with us as a 3D artist and I already have a slight clue why that might be. Still, two months ago I was really worried about not finding good voice actors for the project and I even came up with an emergency plan what to do next, if the worst case actually happens, which I was pretty sure of at that moment. To my big surprise, we found really good actors for our needs and I was more than relieved to have them on board.

It gave me great motivation and it felt like a great compliment for the work we have done up to here. That is why it hit me quite hard to see that all my worries regarding not being able to fill a position in the team with great talent now came to life, after all.

I am now facing several small problems and one quite big one, because of an error in judgement. A lot of preperation and soul searching could not prepare me for this and that is really good. The big motivation and positive flow made me blind to see what this problem actually means for us. In life change only comes after a crisis. A big crisis leads to a big change and a small crisis leads to a small change.

Instead of feeling like facing a problem we have to solve, we now have the oppertunity to develope as a whole. We are going to change a few things and we are going to be a little bit different after and during the time of change. This is great news, because change always comes with growth and that is what we are looking forward to right now.

We appreciate every information about forums and other sites to look for talented 3D artists, who can produce high quality models for UDK and like to solve challenges with creativity. You can also apply directly, if you're interested in working with us, send me a private message or add me on Skype (iqewarts).

All this does not mean that we did not keep up the game development, we just could not expand yet. I thought about leaving out all these information about our current challenge, but I think you deserve it. Too many teams are keeping the community blind in order to look good and we are definitely not one of those.

We have been working on the Outer World (Tutorial Area):

User Posted Image

Mainly, we have been focussing on how the game progresses in the area, what is going to happen roughly, where and when cinematic cut scenes start and when they end.

Also, our writer worked on the conversations that are going to take place in the cut scenes and also finished up the inner workings of Katherine, presented via monologues. Some parts have already been acted and recorded by our voice actors.

A special praise goes to Kamil and Alex who both produced very professional and high quality tracks. Both did outstanding work and really demonstrate what they are capable of. Alex concentrated on creating another highly atmospheric track matching the concept art above, showing the overall mood of the Tutorial Area. Kamil worked on another illustration of the story. It takes place at the end of the tutorial area.

(Left Alone by Alex Michajlow)

(Artificial Childhood Memory by Kamil Orman Janowski)

We are always publishing the content update on the last Friday of each month.

- Kjell 'iQew' Bunjes
(Team Leader and Art Director)

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Garyn Dakari

Yay, another article!

"Left Alone" was a really good piece of music, it might just be my favorite one yet :)

Good luck finding modelers!

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I hope to get onto a full on mod team one day, at the moment I have no skills. But your post has inspired me.

I really like the music, I enjoy most game music, and this is up there with high quality AAA games.

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Can´t wait for this

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Impressive work on musics.

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I would love to be a part of this, I compose music, play the guitar, bass and piano, though I don't currently own a piano. I also sing, and draw...

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iqew Author

If you know about concept design, we can start talking, but our Music Department is filled already, I'm afraid.

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Ah, music really is my passion. But then so are a lot of things. I have done concept design before and it would be an honor to be a part of your team.

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Knowing that you are having problems with 3D modellers is bad, I don't know much about this but as far asi'm seeing they are getting quite hard to find.

I guess you won't have problems finding them, as this game looks really interesting and different, you will draw attention really easily.

And once again, congratulations to the musicians Kamil and Alex, the music you create is something from another world.

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Adversity is merely tool to teach one to overcome and adapt. I Have no doubt this will be the case here for you and the project as a whole Q. Forge ahead !

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