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Edge of Eternity is an indie tribute inspired by the great JRPG traditions of turn-based combat and character progression and the success of western RPG elements including vast open worlds to explore along with non-linear stories. Choose your destiny as you live a rich stirring adventure driven by the choices you make along the way!

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Now that the release of the Early Access is just around the corner, we are getting closer to what will be the actual state of the release on December 5th. Since we want this Early Access to be a joint effort between you, the players, and us, the developers, we need to be totally upfront with what will be in that version.

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Hi there!

Now that the release of the Early Access is just around the corner, we are getting closer to what will be the actual state of the release on December 5th.

Since we want this Early Access to be a joint effort between you, the players, and us, the developers, we need to be totally upfront with what will be in that version.

While we *obviously* want to avoid spoilers, at the very end of the update, there is a list showing what content will be in this version of the game and what’s coming in future updates. If you want to keep your mind free of any possible hints and light spoilers we would recommend to stop reading after the spoiler warning.

What to expect :

- An indie game made by a handful of people.
We started this project as a 4-people team and raised our numbers up to 9 only recently. Though we are definitely not a triple A team, we nevertheless believe that the work done so far and its results are quite an achievement. It will not be the perfect, polished experience that a triple A studio can dish out on a regular basis, but it will sure be a product of love and dedication.

- Bugs
Some of them funny, some of them infuriating. The debugging process will continue to take place as the Early Access progresses. We will be hunting down the ones that may affect game progression in priority, but we can’t guarantee your playthrough will be bug-free. If bugs happen please share them with us on the Community Hub. You can also take captures to turn them into funny memes (if they’re funny in the first place). Either way, we’re sorry in advance. Be assured we will be working hard to solve every issue you will encounter.

- An imperfect user interface
Improving the UI is one of our top priorities. When the Early Access will start, the UI will still have to go through several improvements, both in combat and in the menus. You can expect these changes to happen during the several stages of the Early Access, and again your feedback will be highly valuable to us.

- Things that need improvements!
That’s what this Early Access is for. Whether they are to improve the user experience, or about adding raw new content, we will be listening! From the global user experience to small content details, Edge of Eternity is still a work in progress. Again, we believe that’s what this Early Access is for and we count on our early users to help us create the game you expect.

- Update Schedule
We have a series of updates planned and we want you to know precisely where the project is going. We will alternate huge updates, once every three or four months, which will massively expand the game, and, in-between, minor updates including hotfixes and smaller content additions.


What will be in Edge of Eternity’s Early Access :

- Main quest: introduction, tutorial, and a quest that will see you through most of the first available zone of the game - you will go places, walk the pavement of a majestic city, meet colourful character, and face many dangers.

- Two fully playable characters, Daryon and Selene… and a couple of temporary party members

- The first city of the game, Herelsor - which will act as your main quest hub for the Early Access

- Six side-quests - with their own self-enclosed story-lines

- Three types of procedurally-generated sidequests - two with their own short narration for added flavor

- A Tactical Turn-based combat system

- A character progression system through levels, crystals and equipment (your weapons will also level up)

- The two first tiers of weapons and armors

- Our in-house Mod Kit “The Eternal Forge” and an in-game Mod manager

What’s coming:

Major Updates:

Every major update will comprise more content: new zones, new events, new quests, new monsters, new weapons, new skills.

- The Plains of Solna - Late February 2019

This first major update will unlock a second part of the open world, which means a much larger playground. It will boast another city, “Old Herelsor.” Though humbler than the first, it nevertheless has it own bucolic charm and history.

The next step of the main quest will carry you at the confines of the Plains of Solna, where you will find a very peculiar farm, sheltering a very, very special creature.

- The Reunion - Spring 2019

The second major update will open a third part of the open world, an entirely new biome, the next steps in the main quest where the heroes’ journey will take many unexpected turns, as well as a new dungeon.

- The Man who survived the Corrosion - Summer 2019

The third major update will take you to a new, large city filled with quests (both main and side) - where the party will encounter a new party member with a tormented background.

Hotfixes and smaller updates:

On top of the scheduled updates, we will release frequent hotfixes and small updates to fix the issue the players may have encountered during their playthrough, while also adding bite-sized content to ease the wait between each major updates.
When? As often as possible. You can also expect a few surprises, here and there!


So here it is. During this whole Early Access, we will be as upfront as we can with the development of the game. We hope you will take pleasure in watching Edge of Eternity grow and develop throughout its updates, and engage with us on what you think makes the best possible JRPG experience!

Stay tuned for more!

Midgar Studio

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