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What is Math Classroom Challenge? Math Classroom Challenge is an educational game in first person and subjective view, with the mission of solving the different random mathematical exercises proposed. To do this, you have at your disposal a water hose, with which you must water the numbers and the appropriate solutions. All this in a safe environment to learn mathematics in a fun and enjoyable way. It's also the kids version of Math Combat Challenge. Math Classroom Challenge is designed for children over the age of four. In the game the player can do several activities: learn the numbers that fly, learn how to throw the water, solve the static panels looking for the corresponding numbers, and solve the dynamic panels that appear suddenly with three solutions. Always throwing the water from the hose to the correct solution. In the game the player never loses. There is simply a parameterizable timer, and you can choose the type and complexity of mathematical operations, from sums to e

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Math Classroom Challenge is on sale now on Nintendo Switch, and second position in educational deals. Thank you for your support. We want here to explain that the game is not only addition, and the possibilities it offers.

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Math operations in Math Classroom Challenge.

Math Classroom Challenge is on sale at the Nintendo eShop. We want to thank everyone supporting the game, including teachers at EdShelf teachers page.

Math Classroom Challenge deals Nintendo Switch

This is a math game with the objective of learning math in a fun way. As a game it must be entertaining, but we think educational games can be more than learning. And math is tough for many children, so making it easier to learn is an opportunity for children and youth from 3 to 90 years old.

Math Classroom Challenge

Some people think the game can only generate additions. The game can be configured by the player, or the parents or teachers to create these random problems:

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, first degree equations, with decimals, and with positive and negative numbers.

You can configure until two decimals, and when making subtraction you can configure if you want them to be always positive, or also negative. This way the player can learn subtraction with less difficulties.

Math Classroom Challenge config

Other features.

What are "Inverted numbers? You can activate or deactivate this feature. If active, Some numbers can appear inverted for some seconds. Then it acts as a wildcard, no matter the number you're looking for to solve the math problems, the number will fit into the solution. Of course deactivating this feature makes the game more challenging.

And Sam? He's a bird that, when sings, it will eat the number you're looking to solve the problem. So be fast! Of course new right numbers are generated to be able to solve the math problems. Sam active makes the game more challenging.

And this is it. A math game in a 3D world, that now can be played in first person view, but also in third view with the drone, or even in first person view with the drone. It's your choice.

Thank you again, and have a great math day!

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