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Mass Extinction it's a unique indie game that combines RPG,Strategy and Tower Defense elements.

What makes this game unique?
LevelUp Engine

In this game you will have the ability to level up,gain experience points and unlock more features depending on your level.
Ability Bar
In the upper corner you will get a ability bar.When the bar it's full you will get a screen with 4 cards.Choose one card and you may win special ability's or bonuses with exp points or money.
*Special Ability's
Goals System
Playing single player you will get a list of goals that you need to complete.
Turret Customization
You will be able to customize your turrets with special items so every turret it's unique in it's own way.
Colonization Engine
You will need to build houses to colonize the planet.

For now this game it's in dev. for 6 day's but make sure you TRACK THIS GAME and keep your eyes pealed on this one!

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News 2 comments

In the next video you will see Bosses!

At every 10 waves a new boss will try to stop you!


Guanos Predator(Wave 10):

Will have alienish tentacles that will damage your towers.

Machinarium(Wave 20):

Huge alienish machine that will shoot in all directions.

Waiting more suggestions for the Bosses!!!BE A PART OF THIS GAME!!!
DAY 03 Progress

DAY 03 Progress


Make sure you check out the video of the Day 03 Progress!!

Gage3197 - - 283 comments

I'm racking my brain for more suggestions! Maybe, you could have a boss that stays underground. It could come out and shoot and thats how you could hit it. Or something like that?

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Fib - - 381 comments

I can't wait to see more. Is this a one man project?

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cocktailproduction Creator
cocktailproduction - - 21 comments

3 Man Project actually:D...Glad you like it..

Make sure you check our dev. blog(We post quite daily there about this project)


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Gage3197 - - 283 comments

Looks pretty good. I do have some suggestions, Levels with more than one route, and a level editor.

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cocktailproduction Creator
cocktailproduction - - 21 comments

Thx for taking time to leave a suggestion!!

Yes we are working on multiple way's.You may check the forum later when we post the DAY04 updates..added a lot of stuff and working now on another one.Also on every 3 day's we make another video so you can track this game up:).


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cocktailproduction Creator
cocktailproduction - - 21 comments

Please leave any suggestions,ideas,opinions!!!!ALL are well welcome!

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