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Maçorekos will be an adventure game with rpg elements, featuring three very different worms into a colorfull and creative world. Its being developed by a single person, and target platforms are web, linux, windows, mac and android. Welcome to the colorfull world of Maçorekos!

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Maçoreko wakes up and takes his cellphone to send messages to Maçoreka. She wakes up smiling and they start to chat.

Suddenlly...PRUMMM!!! Tutuco, a quite evil toucan arrive causing a lot of trouble.
Tutuco drops somes apples and take one of them as a lunch, just the one with Maçoreka inside, which beg for help!

The three worms, Maçoreko, Nerdio and Bebem lay on the floor after falling from the tree, unable to help.

Nerdio, seeing the despair on his friend faces have an idea! He run to show what must be done if they want to reach Tutuco before Maçoreka is eaten together with the apple!

They unite and become.....Maçorekos!

PS: I´m a brazilian developer, so I may not write the most perfect english; I tried my best to share this brief preview of the history with you thought, hope you liked.

visite www.digitaloneiric.com.br to play!

What this news depict (Images, video, story...) are copyright of Xn4k3d( contact: xn4k3@hotmail.com), they cannot be used commercially; other uses may apply with the author permission.
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