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PROTECT THE CRYSTAL You are a mighty spellcaster with the power to summon parts of the magic kingdom into the real world.

 Help the magic kingdom by protecting the crystals against endless waves of enemies. Earn coins to buy helpful items, explore different castles or strengthen your magic powers.

 The whole adventures takes place directly into living room, on the schoolyard or where ever you want to start your journey

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Hey and Hallo folks!

Lets start with the great news! After some struggles to get the open beta online (what a journey) MagicCastleAR is now avaiable (in early access) for free all over the world on GooglePlay. For me thats definitly a personal milestone and i'm so happy everything worked out in the end and this little game is finally online.

I'm looking forward to see you folks playing my little game and I'm so excited to hear what you think about it. As i mentioned in another blog post there is one bigger update planned for now. I'm also aware that MagicCastleAR doesn't run on many devices, thats a bummer and unfortunatly i can't change anything on that. But good news here is that LotsOfStuff's next game definitly will run on much more devices ;)

But enough talking! Its time to play a nice little AR game! Just follow this link or click the badge and protect the crystal

PS: Thank you so much for playing MagicCastleAR

Best regards


Release Day

Release Day


MagicCastleAR is now avaiable for FREE on GooglePlayStore.

MagicCastleAR - Release Date

MagicCastleAR - Release Date


MagicCastleAR - Early Access Release Announcements

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