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Lunar World is 2D sandbox MMORPG game placed in fantasy world

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Character profile window


char profile edit

General info

At the top of window we can see basic informations about character: avatar, name, level, hp / mp bars and exp bar at the bottom.

After general information there is navigation menu with 5 buttons:

  • General (on the screenhot) - in this tab player can check general stats of character, add stat points and change gear.
  • Skills - in this tab player can setup battle skillsets made from avaiable skills. 5 skillsets can be saved.
  • Proficiency - here player can check character progress in using weapon / armor types and magic. For example using attack spells will raise Destruction Magic proficiency. Each lvl in Destruction Magic will raise a little spell dmg in this magic school. Similar for weapons, master swordmans will deal more dmg with same weapons like novices.
  • Professions - list of known professions and progress. To learn profession player have to find teachers. There are 7 tiers of professions: amateur, novice, apperentice, veteran, expert, master and champion. Low lvl teachers are spawning in craftsman guilds, profession masters are much more harder to find.
  • Last tab is reserved for player logs.

1. Gear

Typical gear overview. Characters can wear up to 12 items:

  1. head armor
  2. chest armor
  3. legs armor
  4. weapon
  5. amplifier
  6. weapon addon
  7. aplifier addon
  8. feet armor
  9. epaulet
  10. back (shield generators, jetpacks for speedup, etc)
  11. armor inner addon (passive)
  12. armor outer addon (active, like small missile launcher on shoulder)

All addons are bound to item types. For example scopes or silencers can be added to rifles only.

2. Elemental octangle

Here player can see character balance in elements. More about elements can be found in Introduction article.

3. Base stats

Game is using S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat system. All characters starts with 10 base stat points. Main charcters gets 5 stats points when reaching next experience level. Npcs gets 1-4 stat points based of rarity. Max stat value is determined by this formula: max_stat_lvl = (char_lvl * 2) + 10.

Fast description of stats:

  • Strength - max hp, melee attack, physical defence
  • Perception - ranged attack, accuracy, observation
  • Enduracne - physical defence, max hp
  • Charisma - talking, trading
  • Intelligence - magic attack, magic resistance, talking, max mp
  • Agility - speed, dodge, accuracy, melle attack, ranged attack
  • Luck - overall luck in game, crit factor

4. Secondary stats

We have 2 categories of sats (battle and civil).

Civil stats are:

  • Observation - ability to see more than normal human, more items and gold can be found after defeating enemies, more hidden options in quests can be done.
  • Talking - ability to talk with other characters. Character with strong talking stats can get usefull informations from npcs. More quest options are avaiable too.
  • Trading - negotiating better prices in independent npc shops (npc shops that belongs to other players are not affected by this stat!)

Battle stats can be divided on 2 categories again: stats that are coming from character base stats, and stats that can be raised only by items. First stats that are made from base stats:

  • Melee attack - dmg done with melee attacks
  • Ranged attack - dmg done with ranged attack
  • Magic attack - dmg done with magic
  • Physical defence - defence against physical attacks
  • Magic resistance - defence against magic attacks
  • Accuracy - chance to hit
  • Dodge - chance to dodge attacks
  • Speed - determines when character will take action
  • Crit factor - chance for critical succes when attacking or critical failure for enemy when defending

Stats that are coming only from equipped items:

  • Shield capacity - amount of shield points, shields are refreshed to 100% at the begining of each battle
  • Armor and magic penetration - percentage value of ignoring enemy armor
  • Lifesteal - percentage value that determines how much points will be added to character hp after successfully attack
  • Crit change - chance for critical strike
  • Crit power - critical power, base value is 200% of normal dmg.


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General introduction, short description of game features.

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