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Based on the Sword Art Online: Aincrad Arc. We are creating a game that combines the current Virtual Reality technology with a different approach to the MMORPG genre. Immersion is key in making a game that's based around Sword Art Online and so we've taken that into account with our hardware.
We will be having minimum requirements of the Oculus Rift and Razer 'Hydra' motion controllers in order to set a standard for our immersion, from there we hope to include capabilities for any and all other Virtual Reality hardware such as the KOR-FX Audio Vest and Leap Motion hand tracking camera as well as most other motion immersive related gear.
The gameplay itself will be similar to that of a MMO but the new layer of virtual reality brings extra elements of gameplay to the genre, what we hope to achieve is to move away from the basic 'press x to preform y move' and have the user move their controller or body in such a way that it feels rewarding to preform your skills.
Imagine you get to not only create your own character, who looks like you want and moves just as you do, but now you'll be able to fight the way you want to, using your body. Find what combo suits you best, unlock the skills that suit your style best, or even make your own.

Welcome to SwordArtVRMMO

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Making progress


Hey fans!

This is a bit of a special post for us, it marks a step forward in the production of our game and while it may not seem big, right now, all the pieces are falling together. In our videos tab you'll be able to see the animation that will play when you first put on your headset. With the Oculus Rift, seeing the nerve gear being placed on your head is something that just can't be explained, it truly is a great feeling and when you get to experience it, we expect that you'll feel the same way.

Same as always, I'll let you in on what we're up to. As a lot of the hardware side of things has been sorted, we've been working on some of the visual side of things, making sure that I don't say anything I'm not supposed to, I'll just say for now that the starting city is coming along nicely, especially since AI started reacting normally. Definitely expect to be seeing some of that in the upcoming posts!

Other than that, as we are indie developers, we have been working through professional modellers or programmers to do some small piece work here and there. This way, when we doubt our skills in producing quality work, we don't take chances and we bring in the pros to give you the product that you guys deserve! That being said, there is only so much we can do while waiting on other workers to hand in their projects, but never fear, we still have lots of things to do on our list!

A big thanks to those pros that have shown us the way in the time of dark and the work that they've given us and of course to each and everyone of you! Wouldn't be here without all of you!

More news on facebook.com/saoommo

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I'm getting the feeling that this is a lot like the sword art online project I was apart of when argus was the big team. It flopped, especially when I left since I was the only one doing work. This right here... well it feels very similar. Props for trying, but you'll soon find out that creating art assets and animations is very far off from a complete game. You need a diversified team with a large number of programmers. Let me tell you right now that if you think you can finish this game entirely in UE4 blueprints you're in for a rude awakening.

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You should just cooperate here Indiedb.com

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the game you linked is fake

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Wow. Your a loser.

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hmm? just saying the truth.

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I know that you have stated that minimum requirements will be owing both occulus and hydra accessories. Is it to difficult to have the game be playable with just one of those or even none at all? Just curious if that option is available as well. I imagine that would help to retrieve money spent on production. I don't know how much you guys have spent, but I predict profits would sky rocket. This is all said without knowledge of it even being possible. I just imagine it be like playing against someone using a controller versus a keyboard and mouse. Sorry if I stated the obvious, im sure you've discussed this, just curious myself as I don not own an occulus yet, but definetly plan on venturing to VR.

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Im a believer. Few questions,

Whats the current size of your team?

Ae you enlisting help for anything?

Do you worry a kickstarter may bring a C n d because of monetary reasons?

Upon release, will the game be sold?

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SwordArtVRMMO Creator

Currently the team is made up of 2 people, myself and the one other and at the moment we are handling the work load at the pace we expected, so we aren't looking for any other long term workers, that being said though we have already hired a few piece workers to complete work that we felt was out of our ability.

As for the IP owners, we have tried to contact publishers multiple times through many different sources, with no luck, so we are attempting to make it and get noticed, and from there make negotiations. In the worst case scenario we will only be able to make it as a personal project and it cannot be uploaded or distributed. To work around this, before anything, we will ask our fans for their emails so we would be able to send them an executable file with our game.
As for it being sold we would like to get something back for the money we've already put into it, but either way we enjoy making this, also, it depends on publishers.

Thanks for the good questions!

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Thanks for the speedy reply, I sure do hope you can at the very least be reimbursed. I wish you guys the best of luck. Not currently a VR owner, but I think im asking Santa (wife) Clause for one. Might have to mail it to myself as a present an not tell her. But anyways. Do you plan on another outlet other than facebok? A website or redditt possibly? First video is outta this world, new pictures look perfect. im expecting great things. cant wait for more eye candy.:D

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why you dont wait for the consumer edition of the oculus rift it will come 2015 before the summer start

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Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the acclaimed Gleam Eyes boss room is finally finished! Comment on our Facebook page T.co

Dec 5 2014

Newest addition to our work in progress images! The Central Plaza! #swordartonline #virtualreality T.co

Dec 1 2014

Finished the basis for the animation just recently, check it out and tell us what you think here; On.fb.me

Nov 20 2014

Here's a shot of some AI models in an environment shot within the engine! T.co

Nov 18 2014

Here's the most recent update, we've been working on fixing up our hardware mostly, but here's a boar!! T.co

Nov 13 2014

#SneakPeek on our latest work on the opening animation renders! What do you think? T.co

Nov 10 2014

#ExpandingOurReach Here's our Twitter page! We'll be updating this just as frequently as our Facebook page: Facebook.com. Yay!

Nov 10 2014

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