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Lumencraft is a top-down action shooter with tower defense elements. Emerge into a fully destructible environment where light and shadow play key roles. Build your base, dig some tunnels and find lumen - humanity's only chance for survival.


Lumencraft 6


The year 2221: More than two centuries ago, the surface of the planet became uninhabitable. The remnants of humanity struggle to survive without electricity and light. Dreams of a better future died long ago, but a recently discovered mineral has brought a spark of hope. Lumen, a crystal with high energy potency, may be the last chance for a struggling civilization. Scouts, brave miners, have been sent underground to a settlement near the Lumen deposits. New scouts continue to join this mission, but so far, no one has returned. It seems that the darkness of the underground holds more than just natural riches...


Fight for your survival. Enemies are going to raid your base so be careful and leave some turrets on the watch.

  • Defending the underground settlement by direct combat and the use of diversified turrets.
  • Highly efficient and satisfying digging mechanics.
  • Explosive weapons. Yes, we have dynamite.

Lumencraft 7


With a lot of effort and a set of original algorithms, 2Dynamic Games have transformed the open-source Godot Engine into a completely new tool. This allows every bit of terrain (pixel, as we used to call them) to be destroyed, and maps can be painted as if in a drawing program. What’s more?

  • Dynamic lights and pixel-perfect interaction with the fully destructible terrain.
  • Dread atmosphere created through the impactful sound design and a unique 2Dynamic lighting system.
  • Realistic simulations.

Lumencraft 3


Lumencraft will be in the Early Access stage, which means we will keep adding new features and polishing already implemented ideas. Stay tuned!

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🎵 When it’s dark and there’s no light
When shadows are lurking just around the corner
When it seems like there’s no chance to save the humankind
We keep drilling, trying to make a difference. 🎵

Scouts! 🖖

We were patiently waiting for this moment since day one. Now it’s here. It’s not easy to write such an announcement like this one…

Today is the day.

Full Release of Lumencraft is here! 🎉
Watch the newest trailer. 🍿

That feels great! Everybody seems so stoked about it. Every now and then we read a warm review of our game… Now there’s gonna be a lot more of them. Seems like there’s a glimpse of light for humankind. 😎

After almost a year of Early Access, numerous updates, hours of tweaking and fixing the build, our team knows one thing for sure.

From now on, the game belongs to all of you. 🙏
It feels like it’s not ours anymore. Play it on your PCs or save the base on Steam Deck.

So, to all fans, friends, and partners-in-crime:

It’s time for some serious business.

The judgment day has come. Move forward. The elevator will get you to the rally point.

We’re here. Load your gun. Grab your spear. Take the drill and start looking for the purple crystal - it’s our only hope. 🔮

💥 Enjoy the single player mode! 💥
It consists of 27 various missions and will provide you tons of fun.
Have fun in the new in-game HUB - it’s accessible between missions. It’s your new home, right? Treat it well. 👌

Shoutout to all collectors out there: yes, you can get Steam Trading Cards in Lumencraft! 🃏
Unlock them and have fun.

Make sure you know about every small change we added to the game. 🎮

📰 Read the full changelog.

## [Release] -- 2022-02-28 - VERSION = 9026

### Added
- added Extra Zoom toggle to Accessibility options
-> enabled by default on Steam Deck
- added 2 new music sets for regular gameplay
- Editor: added Buildings Drop Resources flag. When disabled, destroyed buildings won't drop anything

### Changed
- Campaign: added bedrock border to some maps
- Campaign: Hub now has unique music
- Campaign: made unlocked building animation more prominent
- tweaked camera near map borders
- tweaked in-game music changing
- tutorial map starts with Research Development 2 tech unlocked
- Reactor no longer displays icons in the UI window, allowing it to be smaller
- moved starting resource Storage Container on random maps to make more space from Reactor
- tweaked cursor position when initiating building
- Demo: 5 first maps of the campaign are now available to play, instead of the Blast from the Past map
- Demo: map menu options are now disabled instead of hidden
- macOS: game no longer defaults to windowed
- Steam Deck: Info Center no longer zooms out
- Editor: new Boulder sprite

### Fixed
- Campaign: fixed extraction point not working in Stand Your Ground after loading the game
- Campaign: fixed being able to retry after finishin mission, despite no retry action being visible
- Campaign: fixed resources lost when saving and exiting while research is in progress
- Campaign: saving progress in Hub is now much faster
- Campaign: fixe exiting from mission not stopping music properly
- fixed typo in Machinegun tech
- fixed weapon techs being researchable on campaign maps before unlocking their workshops
- fixed flashlight blinking at start
- fixed disabled buildings being enabled after loading save
- fixed some bugged Technology Orbs and lava sources in Underground Survival
- fixed mouse controls when using split-screen
- loading of editor-made maps is now smoother
- fixed turret misleading green highlight before interacting if upgrade cost is too high
- fixed options screen not showing gamepad focus when opened with changed tab
- fixed some UI windows not aligned after changing scale
- fixed upgraded Drill not updating sprite immediately
- limited Lumenal Discharger on random maps to appear only up to once
- fixed damaged buildings not appearing damaged after loading or testing in editor
- game config created before this version will reset to avoid issues
- macOS: fixed folders not opening
- Steam Deck: fixed default resolution
- Steam Deck: fixed Steam Cloud synchronization issue between Windows dekstop and Steam Deck
- Editor: fixed Timers not running after loading
- Editor: fixed internal variables not working after loading
- Editor: fixed wrong radius of Terrain Modifier's circle erasure
- Editor: fixed Terrain Modifier's settings not refreshed when changing shape before placing.

As usual, here’s a meme for you. Why? Because you're amazing.

Follow us on Steam ⚙️, join our Discord 🎧 server and follow us on Facebook 👍 and Twitter 🐦.

Now, get to work. Start drilling. It’s fun - trust us 🔥

2Dynamic Games

Post Release Update #8 - Introducing Item Rack building… 👷‍♂️

Post Release Update #8 - Introducing Item Rack building… 👷‍♂️


It's been a while since Lumencraft's release, but we're committed to continuously improving the game in order to provide you with the best possible experience...

Post Release Update #7 - Some new fixes… 🔨

Post Release Update #7 - Some new fixes… 🔨


We are excited to share with you that the newest update for Lumencraft is out now!

Post Release Update #6

Post Release Update #6


It's worth kicking off the new month with a fresh update to Lumencraft - some fixes, changes, and nice additions!

Post Release Update #5

Post Release Update #5


We're continuously working on improving Lumencraft to offer you the best possible experience. In the latest update, we've made some exciting changes and...

SOVEREIGN1 - - 42 comments

Is this game a further development of the Nocturnum concept?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Dameredet Creator
Dameredet - - 2 comments

Hi, not really. We didn't know about this project before you mentioned it :D But I think our concept is somewhat similar.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
SOVEREIGN1 - - 42 comments

The reference of lumen made me think of the similarities. And the gameplay is also resembles the Nocturnum concept. Good luck to you! Looking forward playing your game!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Dameredet Creator
Dameredet - - 2 comments

Thank you very much <3

Reply Good karma+3 votes
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