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Do you like arcade games? Do you love grindhouse films and old comic books? Then this is the game for you!

Lobo with Shotguns is inspired by the great beat ‘em ups of old, filled with crazy weapons, quick and epic combos, threatening monsters, sexy ladies, spooky locations and more!

Accused of murdering his wife, John Lobo is forced to leave his home and hide in the woods of Black Moon Ville. There he met Bianca the White Witch, she believed in his innocence, so she healed his physical and spiritual wounds.

But somewhere else, the prisoners of the Black Moon Prison made a dark pact with the evil Crimson Monk. He transformed them into terrible monsters.

With his new army, the Crimson Monk kidnapped Bianca in order to offer her as sacrifice to an ancient god.

John Lobo rushed to the rescue, but he was no match for the mighty forces of evil. That’s when Belladona, the Black Witch, appeared and granted him two enchanted shotguns.

Now it’s time to show those monsters who’s in charge!

This is a classic side scroller beat’em up game, in which you’ll be able to use your trusty shotguns to blow some monsters into smithereens.

Each level is filled with zombies, monsters and other minions of the underworld, so you must always be ready for a fight.

There are a lot of different magic bullets that grant the shotguns the power to shoot fire, lasers and more! Combine your crazy weapons with your trusty fists and beat those monsters to a pulp!

Overcome your enemies! Fight massive bosses! Rack up your points and prove you can beat the highscores!

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Hi guys, today I’d like to share a great online tool for game developers.

As you know, making a game is not as easy as one may initially think, it involves a lot of different tasks that are often connected and sometimes must be completed simultaneously. This can prove daunting, especially when several different people are working in the same project. Managing them can be a challenge and you can quickly lose control.

There are some wonderful online project managing tools such as Asana or Trello out there that you can currently use, but I’d like to recommend one specially tailored to game development: HacknPlan.

I heard about HacknPlan last year, while I was attending a dev talk by the developer himself: Chris Estevez. He described the platform and told us why he did it.

Chris explaining the differences between HacknPlan and other project management tools

He noticed that a lot of games were being developed in Madrid and that a lot of them were never finished because -amongst other things- they all had problems with bad project planning and managing and a lack of a proper team workflow. Most tools for that were fine, but there was none that would address all the complexity of a game. So he took it upon himself and created one.

Chris explaining the differences between HacknPlan and other project management tools

He explained how a video game project development is composed:


-Game design document




-Task List

-Resources Management




-Release Date

He told us that the classic project management tools only cover 2 of these 3 steps of a game project, those being the How and the When. So, Asana can organize your game project tasks and tell you how and when to do them, but you’re leaving a very big part, the What. It may seem obvious, but in games, you should always remember and keep in sight your Game Design Document and stay as close to it as you can, in order to maintain the original vision of your project and keep it functional. You should be able to directly relate the tasks given to the specific part of the GDD they serve. This is very important specially if there are multiple people involved, and you can get how all the programming, art, music, etc. blend together.

HacknPlan allows you to have a dynamic GDD

You can check out some of their features on their site.

HacknPlan gives the game designer the opportunity to make a dynamic GDD and link everything to tasks and departments. It also makes it easier to measure time, set goals, and keep a track of tasks completed. You’ll be able to see if there are any problems or roadblocks in your workflow and address them accordingly.

Other tools give you metrics of your progress too, but you cannot really get the whole thing in context, like how many tasks along in the programming or art departments, how many hours are spent in a certain milestone (like getting an alpha), and so on.

Category Metrics and Distribution

I’ve been using it for some time for the development of Twin Flames and it works really well. I would recommend it to any fellow game developer trying to get the best of all these online tools to organize, optimize and increase staff productivity. Of course if you’re already in the middle of a big project and are currently using another tool, it can be hard to migrate all the tasks (and team!) to a new one, so maybe you’ll want to wait until you’ve got another game or a smaller project to try it, but I highly recommend it and once you use it, you’ll never want to go back.

It’s definitely worth a shot, don’t you agree? Do you know of any other tools that help with managing tasks? Have you tried HacknPlan before? What’s your experience with it? Tell us all about it!!

askFM: ask.fm/FatPandaGames

From our blog: fatpanda.tv

If you like the game, please stay tuned on our social channels:

Lobo has the greenlight!

Lobo has the greenlight!


We are very happy to announce today that Wolf With shotguns has been approved by the Community of Steam.

Gameplay video is ready!

Gameplay video is ready!


Hello! This is it, a gameplay trailer for our game Lobo With Shotguns! The game is currently under development, but this is just to give you an idea of...

We are still here!

We are still here!


Lobo with Shotguns is in deep in development! We’re making sure that this game becomes a fun and extreme adventure that will make your hair stand. Give...

We started the Greenlight campaign!

We started the Greenlight campaign!


Hello humans! Lobo with Shotguns is now on Greenlight and needs your vote! This is an epic action arcade-styled game that will knock your socks out! Are...

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