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Little Eyes is a Fantasy Adventure game where you play as Sammy, a young boy with a vivid imagination. With his child's eye he can view normal things as amazing, and travel into books with himself as the main character. You will play as Sammy, and explore these mystical places while completing missions. All of the art is made by ourselves in blender with a low poly style, and all programming is also done by us in Unity.

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Little Eyes Game


As our school year is coming to an end, the game is coming along quickly. We have to have a finished prototype, that has been tested, by our end of year final in about two weeks. We already have people set to test the game, but what we really need now is any smallish cool ideas people have for the game.

Now, most people reading this will probably say "how can I come up with an idea when I don't even know what the game is about" which is very understandable. The game post didn't go into full detail.

For our playable prototype, we want to have one main level. The character will begin in his house, where he will have a short mission to introduce the player to the game. Next the player will dive into a pirate book where they will engage in a ship battling mission. After this the character will return home, and the prototype will end.

It seems like not very much game play, but it has taken a lot of time to get this far. If people have any ideas, comments would be very much appreciated.


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