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Zofia is a first person adventure game based in a science fantasy world. Through unusual circumstances, Alda is asked by a powerful machine to find a woman named Zofia. She sets out to the forbidden land, Zofia's last known location. Meanwhile, a powerful fighter named Godric defies his order to find a powerful magic spell that can save his family - at a cost.

As Alda, you must find traces of Zofia's whereabouts, fight the perils of the forbidden land, and explore a wide variety of dangerous environments.

As Godric, you must overcome a ruined city, full of monsters and decaying structures, while evading the order and blighted creatures.



  • Various environments to explore, from the freezing mountains to calm shorelines
  • Hidden items reward keen eyes
  • Equipment allows faster traversal, allowing you to explore interesting areas without endless running


  • Grapple hook allows for vertical gameplay and a new way to combat enemies
  • A hoverboard allows quick, though potentially dangerous, travel over larger flatter areas


  • A variety of weapons ranging from bows, swords, magic, to guns
  • Interactables from fire traps to ballista allow you to prepare for difficult fights
  • The grapple hook will allow you to challenge larger enemies


  • Non-mandatory characters allow you to pursue the story as you see fit
  • Minimalistic plot that focuses on the player's actions
  • Players can have their character interact with other player's characters to learn about individual characters


  • Buildable structures allow ability to set up bases, change equipment, and set up defenses
  • Bases are not mandatory and the game will proceed even if you opt to not build anything
  • Some building structures, while still defensive, are purely decorative (If that's your thing)
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Zofia - Alpha Release


After the last major internal build, it was pretty clear I would need to rework some major mechanics. I'm going to put future builds out there for play-testing, with eventually a transition over to Steam whenever the story becomes more developed.

Anyways here is the 'first' public build of Zofia (Currently only Windows):

Zofia - Alpha 33b - 64bit Windows

There are a lot of major changes:

- Alda's story (As it has a melee focus) has been switched to 3rd person
- Some HUD changes were made to accommodate splitscreen
- Control changes for simplicity (Still a bit weird though)
- Added a test level so you can mess around with mechanics (Located on 'versus' map)
- All levels are now co-operatively playable in splitscreen and online


This is definitely still in Alpha, so expect weird issues, however I'm looking for feedback over some of the mechanics and design decisions.

Please check out the release notes before jumping in.

Gameplay depth and obstacles

Gameplay depth and obstacles

News 1 comment

Update talking about gameplay. What works, and what didn't work.

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Zofia - Alpha 33b - 32bit Windows

Zofia - Alpha 33b - 32bit Windows

Full Version

Alpha for Zofia, intended for demonstration of mechanics.

Zofia - Alpha 33b - 64bit Windows

Zofia - Alpha 33b - 64bit Windows

Full Version

Alpha for Zofia, intended for demonstration of mechanics.

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