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Lintrix is a challenging abstract action puzzle.Explore a wonderful new world of Lintrix and reason the cause of your existence. Crystals of light will help you on your tortuous path.Defend yourself by creating barriers, reveal new tactics to achieve better results, use diverse crystal powers and hold the line against increasingly powerful foes. Pursuit new ways that no one have thought of in dozens of mind bending levels. Vibrant soundtrack and wondrous visual style will immerse you into an astonishing world of Lintrix. Discover new abilities and overcome breathtaking challenges on your way. Do not let anything stop you!



Lintrix was originally prototyped at the Ludum Dare 30 game jam in 3 days by four guys based in Russia in August 2014 and was named Linker. It had great reception both by players and media so we decided it was worth pursuing, and started making it into a full game.

Further Development
During the development we stumbled upon movement mechanic (so that blue crystals could move still maintaining the barriers) and now we can't imagine the game without it. We created over 30 levels before that but when we found this mechanic we understood that this is what the game actually is now. And so we moved those levels a lot closer to the start than we originally intended.During development we also submitted the game to a few Indie Game competitions including Russian Developers Cup which Lintrix won in DevGamm category [Russiandevcup.ru]

[Get it on iOS]

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Lintrix trailer


Here is a short Lintrix gameplay trailer we made some time ago but didn't share here. Let's fix that.

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Iterative Design - Why Playtesting Matters

Iterative Design - Why Playtesting Matters


How playtesting demonstrated to us that changes to the interface can lead to things we didn't even think about... Iterative design from game jam to today...




Lintrix Teaser of the action puzzler with some tower defence elements.

Time Manipulation in Unity - Rewinding Time

Time Manipulation in Unity - Rewinding Time

Client Side Coding Tutorial

While developing and playtesting our game we noticed that it required a lot of memorizing and players often forget what they did wrong while playing the...

Time Manipulation in Unity - Level Creation

Time Manipulation in Unity - Level Creation

Client Side Coding Tutorial 2 comments

Time manipulation & custom timeline uses for level creation in Unity.


Wa.. very cool tower defense concept. Love the art style too. Good luck :D

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StalsKnight Creator

If you might be interested, Lintrix is out on iOS: Itunes.apple.com

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Lintrix is Out Now on iOS! Itunes.apple.com #indiegame #puzzle T.co

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