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Game features:

  • Original game play of the rogue-lite strategy game
  • More than a dozen heroes with rich personalities (New heroes are still in updating)
  • Hundreds of creatures with different personalities (New creatures are still in updating)
  • Talents and rune systems worthy of study
  • The framework of a new, vivid and fantastic world view
  • Quite unique artistic style

Who are you and what do you need to do:

As an independent conscious being with indomitable will, you have been given a task by the Observer Union of studying the geography and ecology of Lothland. Your conscious being will be attached to any hero from different regions and countries, and ready to embark on an adventure.

Your most powerful weapon is not the skill or wisdom of the hero himself, but the ability that given by the observers to communicate with all creature. The characters you meet in this game, no matter hero or monster, all can be used for you. In each of play round, you have yo build your army from the ground up to take on the great enemies.

Fun parts of the game:

Eleven fantastic countries with different styles

Each country has a distinct culture and history, dominated by different races. After the great war decades ago, Lothland has maintained overall peace and stability, but you can feel the restlessness and danger under the surface peace.

Every country has its own unique environment, creatures, heroes and Boss in the game (only a small part of it is currently open, in continuous renewal.)

Rare original creatures

There are a large number of original fantastic creatures in the game, and each creature has its unique attributes and talents. Beyond this, we welcome more novel and interesting ideas and designs for new creatures from players.

Original interesting legion game play

The important innovation of the square game! Combining system will make the Legion form different shapes, and the rune system links up each creature, making the Legion a powerful and orderly whole. Players will create different legions to face powerful enemies in each game round.

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Welcome to this week's indie gaming news roundup, which highlights the five biggest stories on IndieDB for the past week. Whether it's a new game release, crowdfunding campaigns for games in development or important news that affect the indie gaming scene as a whole, you'll find them rounded up here each week!

The Week Of November 9th 2019

The strategy rogue-lite game about creating the ultimate legion through the unique concept of your conscious being attached to heroes from different regions and countries as you accompany them on adventures, has released into early access.

Your most powerful weapon is your ability to communicate with every creature in the world, including hero or monster. Build your might army up to take on great enemies and explore a variety of countries with distinct cultures and history.

The first person mystery horror story driven game Alan Sharp has been announced and is coming to Windows, Max and Linux. Get into the shoes of Alan Sharp, a private detective in the 1970s, retired and shattered due to the murder of a beloved one. He'll need all his wits though as he takes on a new case in a small town where a boy has been butchered and the parents are missing.

Focused on exploration, survival, puzzles and open world investigations, Alan Sharp is inspired by various psychological horror games and aims to provide a chilling atmosphere for players to experience.

The single player first person shooter score attack game All Day Dying has been announced to release on December 5th on PC. Not featuring a story the game is focused on skills and tight gameplay, as you complete goals in timed challenges while attempting to create the highest score.

The single player first person shooter VR game Into The Radius that blends Eldtrich horror in a post-apocalyptic ex-soviet setting has released into early access. A story driven game with open world hardcore gameplay and realistic gunplay, Into The Radius is an interesting mix of genres and themes that VR owners should be checking out.

Image 4

The puzzle driven game set around a treasure hunt across a planetary system has been revealed. Set across colorful tiny planets, you'll need to search through mysterious vines, mazes and forests as part of the mysterious treasure hunt. Planet Realm has been in development for over four years already and although doesn't have a release date, you can play it now with the new demo currently available on IndieDB.

That's it for this week's IndieDB news roundup! Be sure to follow, play and review any of the games that took your fancy in this week's feature and let us know in the comments what you've been playing. If you want to send us a news tip about any important indie news you think we should be covering or awesome games that should be featured, let us know.

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Legioncraft is available on Steam now!

Legioncraft is available on Steam now!


Totally original design with cool artstyle! Save 10% on LEGIONCRAFT on Steam!

Legioncraft-Original interesting legion game play

Legioncraft-Original interesting legion game play


Lothland needs you! The Legion is waiting for your call! Gather your strength, prepare your food, contribute your love, and pull out your gold coin!


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