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Legends of the Seas is an unique free-to-play multiplayer strategy game that has you up against a friend or a random opponent in a tactical battle of the wits.

My inspiration for this game came from just sitting one day and pondering over the similarities and differences between board- and video games. I have always been a fan of board games that don't have any element of luck attached to them, no dice rolling, no card drawing and no spinning of wheels or anything similar. I mean games like Chess, Checkers, Go and Stratego, games that put you 100% in control of your fate. I came to sad realization that there aren't many video games like that, if any.

So I set out to create a spiritual successor to these games. A game that makes use of the advantages that video games present, while keeping true to the main key elements that made these games so great. The key elements for me are the absence of luck and the near infinite possibilities and strategies.

Here are some main features and goals of this game that I try to focus on:

  • Equal and fair playing field and game mechanics that minimize the element of luck and make this a truly competitive game.
  • Intuitive simultaneous turn-based gameplay with an awesome planning- and simulation phase.
  • Cross-platform playability. This game is going to be available on PCs, Mac's, iOS and Android devices so you could for example start a game on your Mac against a player on Android and finish it on your iOS device while he finishes it on his PC.
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master. It is a game that has a simple core concept but the strategies are nearly infinite.
  • Can be played in a way that suits the player most. Players who want to take their time strategizing can play a slower game where 1 turn can take up to a full day to complete and players who want quick action can choose a game mode where turns can take no longer than a minute or two.

What We Need & What You Get

However, to make this a good and successful game I will need your help:

  • Your funding helps me put my full focus on this project and keep the multiplayer servers live and depending on the amount of support I will be able to get premium resources(these include but are not limited to software licenses, sound effects, 3D models, textures, UI graphics and music) to make it a truly good looking, high quality game .
  • The more you contribute, the better I can make the game and the sooner it will be finished. By the game being better I have in mind creating more stages to play on, a larger variety of different ships, improve the graphics of the game, make the UI very neat and easily usable and have a lot of different game-modes.
  • For an Indie Developer with very little media reach the first players, supporters and fans are extremely valuable and I want the supporters to realize that. That is why a lot of the perks have rewards that are exclusive to IndieGoGo supporters that no amount of money can buy after the campaign is over. Also, all of the perks have included with them an amount of in-game currency greater in value than the cost of the perk.
  • I am going to finish this game even if I do not reach my set goal, but the development will take longer and the final product will not reach its potential.

Risks & Challenges

The biggest risk for this project is not building up a large enough user-base which is essential for a multiplayer game to function. Also finding a way to keep this a free-to-play game and still be profitable while not making this a pay-to-win game.

To make this game playable even when there aren't a lot of active players I have planned to make the game playable over longer periods of time, where you will be notified when a match is found for you and when the opponent has made his move. That way you can close the app and return to it whenever you find suitable without having to wait for another active player. I will still need to work on making a good match making system, because in a game like this a suitable opponent is what makes the game really enjoyable.

And I have already figured out a great system to make the in-game currency relevant without making it a pay-to-win game. You don't have to worry about that as I don't want this to be a pay-to-win game no more than you do, as that would be going against everything that I created this game for.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't make a donation, then there is still a couple of ways you can help:

  • Create an account on LotS website to show that you are interested in the game and you will receive a special early bird reward for having faith in the project once the game is launched.
  • Share this project with your friends! After you create an account on our website you will receive a personal referral link. Get your friends to join using this link for additional bonuses in the game when it launches. Special, extra valuable bonuses for people with most referrals.

Meet you soon in a battle, in the Legends of the Seas!

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IndieGoGO Campaign Launched

IndieGoGo campaign for Legends of the Seas has finally set sail! Have a look at the introductory video and visit the campaign site to find out more about the project.

I would really appreciate any feedback on what you think of the project and the campaign. Any insight from both, players and fellow developers is very valuable and I am here to answer any questions that may arise concerning the campaign.

Link to the IndieGoGo Campaign

Thank you for your attention.

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