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Legacy of Svarog is a 3D Action RPG and Adventure Game hybrid based on Slavic Mythology. Fight enemies, investigate crimes, build your keep from the ground up and make choices with real story changing consequences. The game features multiple playable characters and an in-depth and responsive combat system that rewards patience and planning. Meet characters and deities from the little known stories of the Ancient Slavs.

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Play as either Yaroslav or Vasilisa and try out the in-depth story and real-time combat. Explore Kazakrom stronghold both inside and out and explore a medieval world based on Slavic Mythology.

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We are excited to announce the release of our new online pre-alpha demo now available for both PC and Mac through our IndieDB page. Play as either Yaroslav or Vasilisa and try out the in-depth story and real-time combat. Explore Kazakrom stronghold both inside and out and explore a medieval world based on Slavic Mythology.

PC Users

Legacy of Svarog Demo for PC Users

Mac Users

Legacy of Svarog Demo for Mac Users

The demo is the first release that features the real-time combat system. While we have a long way to go this demo will give you an idea of what we are trying to build. The demo includes the beginning of the story and the first combat area plus a bonus area with skeletons.

We have mentioned before that real choices and real consequences is one of our main philosophies. If in the beginning you choose to help Prince Volga, you will play Yaroslav. If you refuse, you will play Vasilisa (Yaroslav can ask her to lead the expedition.) In the future you will have more playable character options.

Yaroslav in new swamp area


Adventure mode: Walking around is general WASD movement and mouse is used to look and interact with things like a typical adventure game. The camera is also fixed in these parts of the game. "P" will skip conversation to the point of next dialogue choice.

Combat: Combat controls are the same regardless if you play Yaroslav or Vasilisa but both characters have different play styles. Combat has full gamepad support if you prefer to fight with a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard, but it is up to you. We plan on making the controls completely customize-able when the game is released. You have complete control of the camera in combat, the enemies soft-lock so to unlock you just move away. If you find the enemies easy, they have been nerfed for the demo.

Attacking is different based on directional input. There are separate combat animations based on which direction you are pushing. To complete a combo they must be timed. Blocking is achieved by right mouse button or R1 on gamepad.


Known Issues and Features:

*Saving during combat is not enabled, this is by design.
*menu screens during combat do not work yet.
*Graphics, UI, and menus are still in their pre-alpha state but combat and conversation systems are complete.
*Kazakrom looks pretty empty, that is by design, throughout the game you will choose what you want to add to your keep and to build, so when you first arrive it is pretty barren.
* You only have one weapon choice per character for the demo, that will change in the future, you will be able to equip gear that you will think is the best option for the task or encounter at hand.
* The menu does not function in the skeleton area and you can not exit the game except by Alt f4 (win) or Command-Q (mac) This area is a bonus area for the demo and will not be in the temple here as it is presented.



If you like the demo please consider backing us on Kickstarter. Kickstarter Backers can get the game for as little as $10 (half off steam release price.) Kickstarter is all or nothing, if we don't reach our goal it doesn't cost you a penny. Please pledge today to help us reach our goal to make Legacy of Svarog a reality. Funding ends October 30th.

Thank you for your interest in Legacy of Svarog Please feel free to ask questions, send us comments and generally tell us what you think.

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