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The Universe shakes... The walls of a dying dimension collapse and shatter, interfering with this world. The thin veil that separated both dimensions was ripped apart at some points. Portals opened everywhere, bringing the corruption from that world to this one. Save the world from the evil that awaits...

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The UI Maniac


Table of Content

  1. UI Update
  2. In-Game Console
  3. Inventory Bugfixing
  4. Player Animations
  5. Quest System
  6. Goals - This Week
  7. Conclusion

UI Update

ui update

This last week I've decided to finally improve the game's user interface style and usability. It was a mess, a different style here, another style there, and for me, personally, I didn't like the style.

And it was, with no doubt, refreshing to see a modern, flat, and organized UI set up. It took me a while, but... just take a look at these pictures!

The main challenge was actually to avoid distortion while keeping Mip-Maps and Bilinear filtering active. At the end, I managed to do it, and it was really fun. I hope you find it as fun to use!

Also, if you don't like flat UI, no problem. I'll add support to texture packs eventually for my game, and anyone will be able to change the UI style.

In-Game Console

console almost done

That's something that I really didn't imagine would come to life so soon, but doing a little bit of researching I actually managed to find this cool asset called In-Game Debug Console.

Essentially, what this asset does is that it allows you to see the default Unity logs on the console built inside the game. It also allows a user and me to type a predefined command that'll do some action that I've set. It's really useful.

Of course, I did change it's UI to fit my game. It just looks amazing, IMHO.

Inventory Bugfixing

2015 10 29 bug

This new inventory system I made is giving me more headache than it should. I've solved tons of bugs related to it this week, and I've already found more bugs that need solving. So weird.

For example, It had a bug that wouldn't cache and order the empty slots properly. That would result in you getting items from the ground and all of them being put in the same stack of items. How weird is that? q(°-°)p

But despite that, I have no other complains about it. It works so smooth, without any kind of lag, I'm just proud of it if I can say so myself.

Also, and that's not exactly related to the inventory, but the item buttons in the crafting tab expand in height to adapt to their item's name, instead of just shrinking the text. It's a small change, yet it is for the best.

Player Animations

Yes, yes. That's something I haven't changed since I first implemented them. The player was basically a static cement block that squashed itself while jumping. That's not the case anymore.

Now the player can actually breathe. You know, a better Idle animation. He just feels more alive. The jumping animation also has changed. Now the player doesn't squash mid-air as it used to do. It just stretches.

Then there's the walking animation. The player just stretches to the direction that you're moving. It's really subtle, but it does make a difference.

Once I implement other skills I'm going to surely add more animations. That's gonna be a mess...

Quest System


I've started to actually build the Quest System. It's just the shell for now, but if you want to know more about it and to keep updated on its progress, visit this Trello Board. Go check it out!

Essentially that'll allow me to implement the Economic System, and I'll have more room for creativity when it comes to keeping the player entertained, which is something that I've been missing.

The Quests can be either Main Quests, Side Quests, or Job Quests. The Main Quests are related to the lore (which needs a little more work, IMO), The Side Quests are related to helping someone, finding a hidden treasure, missions, and basically anything that has nothing to do with your profession. The Job Quests are basically customer requests.

Let's say that you're a Lumberjack. If someone requests you 50 pieces of wood, that's a Job Quest. If someone requests you to help them protect their land, or find the next clue to a big puzzle, that's a Side Quest. If someone asks you to defeat the next Boss and close the next portal, that's the Main Quest. Got it?

I wanted the Quest System to be modding friendly so that modders can add Quests Templates or something like that.

Of course, that's only in the planning table per se.

Goals - Next Week

This week I wanted to finish, or at least almost finish the Quest System, fix some bugs in the Inventory and the Crafting interface, as well as Making a display for the Score and the Experience. And maybe converting the collectibles from separate entities to actual Items that the player can interact with.

Also, I wanted to play a bit with the In-Game Console (let's just call it IGC for now) and add a few commands to it. Just for fun.

Well, that's basically it. There are no big goals for this week, except for the Questing System, which is already huge and totally new to me.

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See ya next week!

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