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Good things will never pass away.

Hy, everybody!

ALIENwoods is here!

Blame me or hate me, whatever i don't mind, but realize that Kontroll is still alive.

What we done so far?

First of all, Kmod started as a single player modificaition for HL2. The porgress was good, the team memebers was good, but we didn't get the picture what we would like to done. Each member would like to change the mod's goal as he want, so we're started to fall apart. You now how things went...
Even with our giddy team, we developed Kontroll, to Alpha-3 stage. It was very good to see how the game builds up from a simple idea to one of the most visited mods in moddb.
But we reached our limit. There was some problem, with Source coding and we can't find any working solution to make things ok. Furthermore, i had to work on my thesis, which was also an independent game, so i had a very little timeframe, for tons of things to do and I'm aint that good in timemanagement.
By school, and making that indie game, i had a lot of time to rethink, what went wrong with Kmod.
One of the major problem, what i realized, is using the wrong engine for the Kmod's theme and goal. Even Portal 2 realeased, it's the same Source engine what we got in 2005 when HL2 released, with a lot of features, but the core and most important, the ideas and usage of this engine remains old. That was one of the most important problem back then.

Where to go now?

As you see, we now started an indiedb page for Kontroll aka. Kmod. This means we would like to go back our original ideas and make this game an enjoyable little indie game. The way we started to develop also changed. We will show less screenshots and videos, but with 100% done contenct. Via this developing method, me and my frends are able to work on this game in our freetime, without stress, pressure an the expense of other real-life thins eg.: school or our daily job. The game has no date when we would like to release it, yes we have estimated date but that's a secret :).

What are we working on now?

First of all, the big change is the new engine for the game. We started to use UDK to make this game a new look, and to had more opportunities to improve the quality of Kmod in each segments. I guess there is no need to present UDK's features, and compare that to Source's possibilities, to realize why we choosed.
Yes there was other possible engines for example Unity, which is a very good indie engine, but it got a hard line between the free and pro version. However, Unity still a new guy in the game enginges scene. And it have a lot of missing features and annoying bugs.
The engine change means we have to learn the UDK way to making a game. That's what we are focusing on now: learning the UDK.
"We like to know our tools, before doing anything."

What YOU could do?

We will be happy if you track this indie game. It's also good to you to keep infomed and up to date via latest informations, screenshots and videos about Kontroll's progress, and it's good to us, to knew what are YOU thinking about the way we develop :).

A few words, before we starts...

Once again, I specially thank you all comments and any type of feedbacks what you done on Kmod's moddb page. We learned a lesson :). I hope you will still goes with us into deeper and deeper in Kontroll's world :).

xxx.xxx.xxx - - 1,090 comments

great move

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Otter. - - 1,355 comments

Ha a Kontrollból most már független játék lesz akkor legyen egy játék a Laller a Kallerból is :D

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Armageddon104 - - 3,128 comments

No! You moved from Source to Unreal.. :c

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Jok3r098 - - 236 comments

a nice aesthetic to the page, but where is the info

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ALIENwoods Creator
ALIENwoods - - 187 comments

Here it is :)

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