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We are considering making the pendulums slice and smash the player. For instance, if your arm is out and the pendulum swings, your arm may fall off. What do you guys think about this?

Play mode is getting closer to completion and will arrive shortly. We know you're all getting anxious to run play mode so we are working day in and day out bleeding from our fingers :P

With the new engine revision we can rapidly and effortlessly implement content such as game pieces, items and creatures. Our goal for future releases is to focus on creating more game play content.

In addition we will focus on creating levels that can be streamed from the net and plan on choosing some of your levels for the official release.

Here are some game pieces in KonCraft.

Updates Coming in Release

Updates Coming in Release

News 4 comments

Lots of you ask, what about enemies? We are HARD AT WORK trying to make the deadline for our release. Our voxel engine was COMPLETELY REWRITTEN from the...

KonCraft Releasing on Desura

KonCraft Releasing on Desura


KonCraft is well on it's way to releasing. It brings many new features that you won't find in creative mode. Get ready to create those awesome levels...

KonCraft Alpha 0.2.3 Now Available for Download

KonCraft Alpha 0.2.3 Now Available for Download


This is the first KonCraft official release to include the recorder cube, prefab cursor, cut/placer cursor, a complete save with a sharing system and...

Building Super Structure in 4 minutes with copy/paste

Building Super Structure in 4 minutes with copy/paste


How to build a super structure in a short amount of time using the recording tool. Essentially, you copy and paste stones repeatedly.

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mohammed29 - - 2 comments

Need for Speed Rivals (2013) (PC) Full GAME | R.G.Mechanics Fast Torrent : -


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Draugr - - 31 comments

Any news on this game?

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Guest - - 688,627 comments

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strundovah - - 7 comments

Looks promising but there a couple of problems on the Linux version

1) The mouse control is way off when trying to select buttons

2) part of the screen is cut off and i can't find a way to change the resolution in-game.

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Toiq Creator
Toiq - - 30 comments

Thanks for the comment.

We have a new version coming soon with a rebuilt engine and we are going to try to address both of those issues before release. As of now, only windows and mac have a pre-launch resolution changer that i couldn't quite get to work with linux. I'm replacing that with a built-in resolution changer located under the main options menu. As for the mouse being off, yes, that is very annoying, my apologies I didn't catch that on linux until recently.

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Kintz1980 - - 1 comments

i really want to buy this but i will not until i get a play mode.. this is just support/fire under your butt.. but PLEASE do not release a buggy, unplayable game. thumbs up.

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Toiq Creator
Toiq - - 30 comments

I understand. The demo is playable now for free. You can already design and save levels for play mode it's working 100% except for the lack of the more appealing models. So designing your dungeons is already there. Additionally, you can place the dungeons already. This gives you an idea of how playmode is, in a way, already working 100% in the game. The new version, level loading is asynchronous, so there is no lag when you for instance, drop a dungeon with 10 million blocks in it like the current demo does.

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Quintimillion - - 1 comments

Might I suggest you chenge the word "craft" to something else. There's just alot of minecraft clones out there and your game is very different from all the minecraft-esq games.Keep up the good work!

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HooterBabby - - 59 comments

Thanks QuintimillionBronyBoi420

How about KonChenge?

Zornified - contact your attorney Mojang P. Minecraft, Esq. in order to process this request !!!

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Toiq Creator
Toiq - - 30 comments

Thanks for the comments here. All options are considered.

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_Lōw_ - - 10 comments

Minecraft wasn't the first game to have the word CRAFT in the title.

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Luminesque - - 32 comments

+1 this game looks great I don't people to get it mixed up with MineCraft

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