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Kollidoskop! was a mythological arcade machine produced in the Soviet Union in a single production run in 1978. It was an attempt by the Ministry of Education to popularize particle physics while the space race fever was winding down. Stand by for more information.

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Hi there!

I am working on a little game about a mythological Soviet arcade machine where you collide particles and build chemical elements. I try to follow physics as much as possible while keeping the game fun to play. All of the following is work in progress and will probably change before I’m done.

(sorry for the massive gifs)

Gameplay goes as follows:

  • You shoot gamma photons.
  • When photons collide, a particle-antiparticle pair is produced.
  • A photon hits a pair, particle and antiparticle are released.
  • You collect the matter, avoid running into antimatter.
  • As you play, uncollected particles either gather into elements or annihilate.

The ultimate goal of the game is to reach element 101 - Mendelevium. If you build up elements efficiently, you get to beat other players’ top scores as well.

Thanks for your attention, I’ll keep you updated!


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