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Keep the Peace is an in-depth law enforcement strategy game under development for the PC. You'll take the role of Police Chief, responsible for the safety and security of your town, city, or region. As a vast, open-ended strategy game, Keep the Peace is about making difficult decisions with limited resources. In Keep the Peace you will:

Build Your Force

  • Hire the officers that are right for your department, based on dozens of skills and characteristics
  • Customize vehicles, tools, and weapons, to equip your officers appropriately for the tasks you'll be throwing their way
  • Train and promote your officers, and keep them healthy and happy

Deploy Your Officers

  • Assign your units to patrols and prioritize their time between preventing crime, reacting to crime, and traffic enforcement
  • Dispatch your units to the scene of dangerous emergencies -- break-ins, bank robberies, vehicle pursuits, shootings, natural disasters, car accidents, and much more, each with virtually infinite possible variations. You decide which incidents get which resources first.

Choose Your Tactics

  • No need to micromanage your officers, but you can decide the approach they should take for complex incidents: Should they negotiate with a hostage taker, or break down the door? Will you allow a growing protest to proceed unimpeded, or will you assign units to stand in the way?
  • Every situation is different, and every approach has its pros and cons based on your resources, your objectives, your opposition, the terrain, the weather, and many other factors

Bring Offenders to Justice

  • You can't catch every criminal at the scene. When perpetrators escape, send your detectives to track them down; they'll interview witnesses, analyze forensics, conduct surveillance, and even go on dangerous undercover missions
  • Decide when to execute risky search and arrest warrants and make difficult decisions about when to make an arrest, when to collect more evidence, and when to drop a case altogether
  • Suspects will get convicted, or walk free, based on your choices

Experiment with Various Strategies

  • Set policies (e.g. regarding the use of force and rules of engagement), implement programs (e.g. neighborhood watch initiatives), expand your capabilities (e.g. with a crime lab, new training facilities, or new technologies)
  • Target crime hotspots with detailed data about past crimes, and launch stings and crackdowns in high-crime areas
  • Create whatever style of police force you desire

Deal with Long-Term Consequences & Challenges

  • The outcome of every incident and investigation matters, and can affect crime in your city, along with your relationship with the government and your community
  • Choose your tactics wisely. Ruthlessness and excessive force may get the job done, but could also erode community trust, and lead to complaints, inquiries, and expensive lawsuits regarding the conduct of your officers.
  • Deal with long-term crises: a serial killer could terrorize your streets for months or years; a new gang could come to town; a new mayor could withhold key resources and make your life difficult
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State of KTP 2021

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Friends & Supporters,

In the past year, so much in the world has changed. Many of you, and your friends and families, have struggled through pain and turmoil, and have had to completely reinvent your daily routines. Nevertheless, you've stood by us through hardship, supporting and sustaining our vision. And we remain as committed as ever to bringing you Keep the Peace, and to making it the best it can possibly be.

2020 gave us significant opportunity to experiment with new mechanics, interfaces, and technologies, and we began the process of rebuilding nearly everything in the game from scratch. In 2021 we'll see the payoff of this effort as we release an overhauled UI, greatly improved AI, more complex incidents & investigations, and many, many new gameplay systems. This will be the year we bring the game from "prototype" stage to true "alpha" stage.

Over the next week or two, we'll be releasing v0.27.2, and the next major release, v0.28, is now planned for April. See below for more information about what's to come.

2020 - A Year of Change

In 2020 we rebuilt Keep the Peace from scratch, rewriting over 15,000 lines of code, rethinking nearly every game system and redesigning the entire user interface. We built a new demo map 16 times larger than the old one which for most people also runs much faster. As part of that, we developed new internal map building tools so in the future we can create additional, more interesting and varied maps.

All of this effort -- much of it "behind the scenes" -- meant that we went from April to October without a single release, and our releases at the end of the year omitted key game mechanics that were still being rebuilt. But this effort will pay off in 2021 and beyond, as the game will now be scalable, easier to debug, easier to build new features into, and easier to optimize. Many -- if not all -- of the things we have planned for this year would not be possible without the effort that went into the game over the past year.


The old demo map (left) with dozens of structures vs. the new demo map (right) with hundreds

2021 - The Road to Alpha

Thanks to this work over the past year -- and your patience and support during that time -- we now have a clear vision for what is necessary to bring us from our current "prototype" stage to a true "alpha" stage, in which all of the core game mechanics are implemented and playable. We're aiming to reach that point by the end of this year. That's an ambitious goal, and there's a lot of work to be done to get there, but with your support it is achievable. Some of the things we have planned for 2021 include:

  • Dramatic improvements to the user interface

  • Completely reworked artificial intelligence systems

  • New mechanics for managing officers including the new officer development system, new rank/promotion systems, new incident command systems, new department leadership systems, and new physical health, mental health, and morale systems

  • New equipment systems for both officers and units/vehicles, plus new vehicles

  • More complex incidents, missions, and the introduction of investigations

  • Major new parts of the game, including department management, government relations, and community relations

  • New ways to get information about your city and its neighbourhoods and your department and its performance

  • A fully functional save game system

  • New ways to customize and mod the game


Some of the new user interface features in development for v0.28


Part of the new officer development system being built for v0.28 (Work in Progress)

What's Next?

With so much coming this year, what can you expect first? In the next week or two, we will be releasing a small update, v0.27.2, which addresses a number of bugs from the previous release. Originally planned for this month, the next major update (v0.28) will be coming in April. This is a massive update that will include:

  • Major UI updates, both for the main game/map area and the various game menus

  • Overhauled artificial intelligence for both officers and non-player characters, which will allow those to execute many new kinds of actions

  • Restored (and majorly improved) systems for suspects fleeing & hiding and officers chasing & searching, and also for conflict resolution and combat

  • A new "stability" mechanic which will indicate whether a situation is getting worse (e.g. a hostile suspect is getting angrier) or better (e.g. a suspect is becoming compliant) or is simply stable (e.g. a suspect is momentarily calm) -- various consequences could result from being inside these states, and various officer actions could impact them positively or negatively

  • The new officer development system through which officers can gain various skills, can become specialists in various areas, and can gain experience both on-the-job and through dedicated training

  • Plus a number of smaller features, customization options, optimizations, and quality-of-life improvements

We appreciate your patience as we put together this large update, and we'll be sharing more information soon about each of the various features we're working on for this version. Please stay tuned!

I can't say enough how much I -- and our awesome Community Management team -- appreciate your continued support and encouragement. If you haven't already, please consider joining our Discord chat server where you can chat with myself, the Community Management team and other KTP supporters, and where you can ask questions, share ideas and feedback, and meet some really cool people.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

All the best,

Creator, Keep the Peace

Version 0.26 User Interface Overhaul

Version 0.26 User Interface Overhaul


We've been working hard on our milestone update - version 0.26. Today we are sharing our latest screenshots to IndieDB and invite you to join us for a...

Keep the Peace - First Playable Prototype Released

Keep the Peace - First Playable Prototype Released

News 1 comment

The first playable prototype of the law enforcement strategy game Keep the Peace is now available! In this very, very early version of the game, you can...

Keep the Peace: New Video Shows Traffic Stop & Vehicle Pursuit Gameplay

Keep the Peace: New Video Shows Traffic Stop & Vehicle Pursuit Gameplay


In the latest preview video for the law enforcement strategy game Keep the Peace, we share our progress developing traffic stop and vehicle pursuit incidents...

Keep the Peace: Teaser Video #3 Plus Brand New Screenshots

Keep the Peace: Teaser Video #3 Plus Brand New Screenshots


In the third gameplay teaser video for Keep the Peace you'll dispatch your police officers to various emergencies and incidents around the city. You'll...

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i got the 20 $ member ship it said i will get the game but how

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deliberative Creator

While logged into your account, visit the member downloads page (Alpha Team -> Member Downloads). Here's the direct link: Playktp.com

Thanks for your support!

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Hello guys I'm new. I would like play to the game Keep the peace. How can I do it ?

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Hello guys I'm new. I would like play to the game Keep the peace. How can I do it ?

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Saw a couple of videos on YT and I must say that this is the law enforcement game I was waiting for since Emergency 4

You guys earned a fan! Looking forward to more updates :D

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