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Taking you from 1936-64 you are able to play as any Nation in the WW2 era with detailed Economics, Diplomacy, Research, Intelligence and of course Warfare in the three branches of Land, Air and Sea. It Builds on the Experience and community Input of the previous successfully HOI Titles.

Developed by BL-Logic, a development studio made up by fans of the Hearts of Iron series and active member of the modding community, Arsenal of Democracy is the ultimate World War II simulation and is described by Project Leader Lennart Berg as “Hearts of Iron II on steroids!”

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Nineteen Sixty-Four v1.2.0 Release


Hello again! After a summer of hard work and many setbacks, we have finally reached the next release. I am aware that many feared this mod dead, but that is not the case! We kept putting off the next release until we were satisfied that our followers would be happy. Now, if you could take a few more minutes, I'll gladly explain a small portion of the changes we have made.

Events and AI Programming

As per usual, Dain has done amazing work on the event structures over the summer. Hundreds of events were added, improving existing framework that was in the March release. Many events, as you may notice during the course of the game, will allow you to set the future battle plans of you and your allies. With the new AI coding, the AI should respond to your directions and attempt to carry them out. While you also have the option to push forward your agenda, be careful. As the US, you may choose to go one way, striking where you think might be effective. The Soviets might choose an offensive in the same region, or come in for a backdoor surprise! I'd like to give a special shout-out to Rostov-na-Don for her awesome work in the AI sector, creating many of the AI switches that make this AI possible.

Soviet High Command Conference


Now where would be we without some pleasant graphics to look at. In addition to graphics for the tech tree, we've added some nice graphics for unit pictures across the board. An example of some of these is shown below.

Unit Graphics

Navy and Doctrines

Naval was left rather untouched in the March release, mainly because we were unsure on which path to take. While the current naval doctrine tree is far from perfected, it is in a usable shape. We rewrote this tree three times before we were satisfied with the structure we have.

In addition to this, we changed the way naval works ingame. Naval fanatics should pay attention to this, as some important changes have been made here.

Destroyers in the modern age took on a heavy-combat role, rather than being just a mere screen vessel. These are now capital ships. Trying to use them as a screen will not work.

Cruisers are also a heavy ship. Their role will be primarily Anti-Air and Anti-Ship, but with some ASW capabilities. These are defined as a capital ship.

Corvettes are best related to the old destroyers from World War II. They are fast and agile ships, and are an escort / screen.

And last but not least, the Frigate. Frigates are a mid-step between corvettes and Cruisers, with ASW and AA capabilities. These are intended as a escort / screen.

As will be shown in future releases with changes to minor nation OOBs, the new structure allows for minor nations to build fleets around the new mid-tier vessel. Minor nations looking for a good navy will want to focus their fleet with a Cruiser / Frigate / Corvette combo, with a destroyer as the primary capital ship if they can afford it. Cost and Balancing will come as more people test this beta on a large scale.

Air Doctrines and Naval Doctrines now have completely new technology trees, so look forward to seeing these new ones ingame. They also include regular 'training' techs, to further improve specific elements of your air or naval forces based on your personal preference.

Air Doctrine Tech TreeNaval Doctrine Tech Tree

Download Nineteen Sixty-Four version 1.2.0

This version has been tested with Arsenal of Democracy v1.7

It is our hope that this was well worth your wait, and we look forward to receiving input on the various aspects of the game. All comments are welcome, as that is the only way to truly improve the game. We only had a handful of testers, so if any bugs arise, I will be quick to hop on and release bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy this release! Give both Dain and Rostov-na-Don a good round, as without their dedication and work on this mod this release would not have been possible.

Team '64

1964 Public Alpha v1.1.2

1964 Public Alpha v1.1.2

Nineteen Sixty-Four 1 comment

After many hard months of laboring, coding, and stressful interruptions, we finally have the next release of our mod, Alpha 1.1.2. There are many changes...

Patch Progress Update (November 6th, 2010)

Patch Progress Update (November 6th, 2010)

Nineteen Sixty-Four

This update is just to inform the public of our progress, as well as showcase some events that we have been working on.

1964 Public Alpha Patch v1.1.1

1964 Public Alpha Patch v1.1.1

Nineteen Sixty-Four 9 comments

This patch includes numerous updates, too many to list in the short description. A short list includes: Updated OOBs, new bridgades (transport helicopters...

Patch Progress Update (September 4th, 2010)

Patch Progress Update (September 4th, 2010)

Nineteen Sixty-Four 3 comments

A summary on what is currently being worked on and what has been achieved in our patch progress.

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1964 1.2.0_1 Hotifx

1964 1.2.0_1 Hotifx

Nineteen Sixty-Four Patch 3 comments

This is a hotfix that patches some problems that is caused in the save games. This hotfix gives a temporary boost to the Soviets, who were weakened by...

1964 Public Alpha v1.2.0

1964 Public Alpha v1.2.0

Nineteen Sixty-Four Full Version 2 comments

Here is our latest version of 1964, long delayed and long anticipated. This version is not a patch, it is a full release. This version has been tested...

1964 Public Alpha v1.1.2

1964 Public Alpha v1.1.2

Nineteen Sixty-Four Full Version 3 comments

This file is outdated. Please download the latest version of the mod.

1964 Public Alpha v1.1 to v1.1.1 Patch

1964 Public Alpha v1.1 to v1.1.1 Patch

Nineteen Sixty-Four Patch

This file is outdated. Please download the latest version of the mod.

1964 Public Alpha v1.1

1964 Public Alpha v1.1

Nineteen Sixty-Four Full Version 1 comment

This file is outdated. Please download the latest version of the mod.




One single HQ wallpaper of the game Arsenal of Democracy. (1280x768, 1280x800, 1440x900, 1600x1200, 1680x1050, 1920x1200.)


If you want to change the flag or the shield of a country with an easy tool, then click here: Indiedb.com

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holy **** you took down my post fast, if only you would fix your games with that same speed....

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