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Katyusha is a World War 2 pixel art 2D Platform/RPG, devoted to the popular character named in the original song, written by Mikhail Isakovsky and composed by Matvei Blanter in 1938.

A character that has never been seen introduced before in a movie or video game, Katyusha was Soviet Union's most popular song in World War II as it was encouraging soldiers between battles. The song describes a young girl named Katyusha. Who is Katyusha? Let's meet her.

Born and raised in Smolensk, hometown of the song's writer Mikhail Isakovsky, young Katyusha becomes an adult by facing humanity's worst fear: World War II. In 1940, standing by the Dnieper river, Katyusha says goodbye to her boyfriend who is leaving to join the Soviet army. They exchange letters together but haven't seen each other for one year.

In 1941 Germany invades Russia. Katyusha lives near the borders. Her boyfriend advises her to leave and save her life. But her feelings won't let her abandon her boyfriend. She wants to find him. So she decides to join the Soviet army. That would be her only hope of finding him back one day.

A Platform/RPG full of emotions
Katyusha is a fast-paced Platform/RPG which contains lots of emotional moments. Take control of Katyusha as she has to survive in Soviet Union during World War II. The combat system includes melee hits, stealth kills, ranged weapons, advanced A.I. and limited ammo.

Everything in Katyusha is based in real facts. Players will experience battles in the exact dates that those occured and meet famous Soviet heroes, like Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Vasily Zaitsev, Nina Onilova and more. The discussions and the facts represented in the game are real, as you can see in Chapter 2 when you meet Lyudmila. Heroes that lived can join Katyusha in the next levels, if players complete the corresponding quests. Otherwise they can continue solo. Heroes that died will actually die in front of you.

RPG elements
Loresoft's first game has a levelling system allows you to gain xp, level up and train Katyusha to learn new skills. Checkpoints are symbolised by mailboxes as Katyusha submits letters to save her progress.

Katyusha can also use her grey steppe eagle to attack her enemies. The eagle has a cooldown between attacks, which is reduced and new skills can be learned if you invest in Intelligence points. Katyusha will also use vehicles, including the 3 famous Katyusha trucks which were used during the war. The game has also different endings.

Real-life letters
When Katyusha's comrades are killed they drop letters. Katyusha will also find letters from German soldiers. All those letters are real-life experiences that soldiers wrote in paper and sent to their families during World War II. We also accept letters from any of you kept from your relatives. You send them via email to info@loresoft.gr and those will be posted, either with the original poster, or using alternate names. Photos of letters are required to prove the identification.

Stay tuned for more information. Full announcement of Katyusha will be done to the media in the following weeks.

If you want to join our development team please drop us an email : info@loresoft.gr

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Loresoft is proud to announce that Katyusha soundtrack is going to be released on December 5th.

This is a great moment for our small development team, as we are aiming to self-fund Katyusha. Our soundtrack consists of 17 music tracks, all of them being orchestral revisions of famous World War II era tracks and several surprises. This is a true masterpiece for gamers from former Soviet Union countries as well as all WWII enthusiasts around the world!

Katyusha soundtrack

Here is the full list of music tracks:
1. Katyusha
2. The Red Army is the strongest
3. United Front Song
4. Farewell of Slavianka
5. Cossack’s song
6. You are my hope, you are my joy
7. March of the Defenders of Moscow
8. Those were the days
9. March of the Soviet tankmen
10. The Artillerymen’s Song
11. Invincible and Legendary
12. Smuglianka
13. My Army
14. A Cradle on the barricade
15. Boss fight
16. Kalinka
17. Miss Pavlichenko

Watch Katyusha soundtrack launch trailer:

Katyusha soundtrack will be priced at €4,99, but for the first week only you can purchase it at a 20% discount – that’s €3,99 for 17 epic songs!

If you like Katyusha, are a WWII enthusiast and you want the game to be released, then this is your chance to support us and help us release the full game. You can purchase the soundtrack for you and your friends and help us spread the word on social media, forums, Reddit, Discord and generally all across the Internet.

Your support will determine whether our game can be released. Our next steps are:
– A Kickstarter campaign which will fund the early access version.
– The early access version with all features included (including crafting, quests and puzzles) and around 4-5 demo levels.
– The full version of Katyusha released in all its glory!

What’s more: Purchasing the early access version will give you access to the final version of the game with a huge discount.

Add Katyusha Soundtrack to your Steam Wishlist

Add main Katyusha game to your Steam Wishlist

For media inquiries, soundtrack giveaways and interview requests, please email info@loresoft.gr

Thank you for your support and for helping us bring Katyusha to life!

Soviet World War 2 heroes featured in Katyusha

Soviet World War 2 heroes featured in Katyusha


Lyudmila Pavlichenko is an NPC available in Chapter 2 of the demo. Latest version of demo now available on IndieDB.

Katyusha stable alpha demo on Steam

Katyusha stable alpha demo on Steam


The first two levels with most of the game features are available on Steam. Download the free demo today.

Katyusha user interface

Katyusha user interface


Introduction of the user interface and a first glipse of the inventory.

Katyusha on Steam

Katyusha on Steam


Follow her and add her to your Wishlist to get notified!

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Katyusha Demo v0.264

Katyusha Demo v0.264


Katyusha alpha demo with the first two chapters. Battles of Smolensk and Odessa.

Katyusha early alpha demo v0.218 - Level expansion

Katyusha early alpha demo v0.218 - Level expansion


This is the expanded demo of Katyusha (December 2018, v.0218) which contains several new RPG elements.

Katyusha early alpha demo

Katyusha early alpha demo


A glimpse of the basic gameplay mechanics and A.I.

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