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Karst is a 3D first-person puzzle game set in a cave. The premise: you fell in, and you need to find a way out. The mechanic: this cave is home to a series of unusual crystals, each of which seems to have its own unique effect. If you’re clever, you can use these crystals to progress through the caves – if you’re not, you’d best get used to not eating.

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Our Blog


So, just to catch you up to what's been said on our blog so far:

  • Doing foley work is a whole lot of fun
  • You can find screenshots (etc) on our "Media" page
  • We generate our caves using Perlin Noise, which is totally awesome
  • Karst is a first-person puzzle game, and we explain what that is as well as some other examples in the same genre
  • We like caves, so we went out to do some "research"
  • To generate our levels, we'll do as much as we can procedurally, so we walk through that rough algorithm.

Now you're caught up. ;)

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